This Ad from the Honest Company Features Real Birth Stories

 - May 12, 2017
References: youtube & adweek
In an effort to celebrate the community of mothers that The Honest Company has created over the years, the brand decided to create a emotionally charged commercial with moms telling their real birth stories. With actual footage of mothers in their most raw moments, the commercial gives an authentic look at some of the most intimate moments of motherhood.

The 60-spot from The Honest Company is titled 'The Big One' and it is part of the brand's ongoing 'Honest Moments' campaign. For the ad, the brand sought out real moms who had hired professional birth photographers to capture the birth of their children. This footage was then spliced together to create an emotional montage of real birth stories. The clips are also accompanied by an original score by, to truly convey the importance of this unforgettable moment in each mother's life.

By using real mothers and raw footage of an emotional moment, the ad helps the brand connect to consumers in a more authentic way.