Advertisers Capitalize on the Prince Harry Vegas Scandal

The "Lynx effect" could be responsible for the Prince Harry Vegas scandal. For their latest ad released this month, they allude that they could have played a hand in Harry's strong appeal with women. The copy states: "Sorry Harry, if it had anything to do with us."

Like the Axe effect, the Lynx effect is very potent. Spray one dose of this men's fragrance on your body and you could be romping around naked in a Sin City hotel room. Who wouldn't like that (other than Prince Harry's now ex-girlfriend)?

The Prince Harry Vegas scandal has been the talk of the tabloids and especially of Brits. His bad boy image isn't going anywhere soon as his antics seem to be mounting up rather than simmering down. Laying off the Lynx may be his only chance to calm down this PR storm.