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Latest Trends

Enhance your brand with the help of our comprehensive collection of videos spotlighting leading keynote speakers discussing the latest trends in everything from technology to tourism to retail and advertising. These videos of keynote speaker presentations not only track the most popular emerging innovations, but also reveal powerful insights into identifying new opportunities across all industries. Become informed and inspired by these engaging keynote speeches that cover today’s latest trends and industry breakthroughs.
play_circle_filled AI Metabolite Algorithms
AI Metabolite Algorithms
Leila Pirhaji Outlines the Medical Potential of AI-Analyzing Metabolites
Leila Pirhaji gave a keynote about the medical potential of using AI systems to analyze human metabolites. Pirhaji is the founder of ReviveMed, which is an AI platform that is able to analyze data... MORE
play_circle_filled Salt Repurposing Projects
Salt Repurposing Projects
Tina Arrowood Considers the Circular Salt Economy to Protect Fresh Water
Tna Arrowood’s keynote discusses the need for a circular salt economy, that protects rivers and freshwater sources. Tina Arrowood has a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry and is a Principal... MORE
play_circle_filled Bacteria Against Climate Change
Bacteria Against Climate Change
Morgan Vague's Talk on Plastic-Eating Bacteria Offers a Solution
Morgan Vague — a microbiologist who is focused on providing sustainable solutions to the impending realities of climate change, delivers a talk on plastic-eating bacteria that highlights a... MORE
play_circle_filled Functional Tattooing
Functional Tattooing
Carson Bruns' Keynote on Tattoos Boasts Possible Uses of Function-Forward Ink
Carson Bruns is a chemist and a visual artist who delivers an insightful keynote on tattoos. The talk reveals possible uses that will benefit the human agent. The speaker directs a laboratory, where... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Work
The Future of Work
Work Culture Keynote Speaker Jaime Neely on the Evolution of Workplaces
Work culture keynote speaker Jaime Neely is a firm believer that regardless of whether you’re a junior employee or a CEO, your work environment will have a major impact on your non-work life.... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Generations
The Future of Generations
Generational Trend Keynote Speaker Armida Ascano on "Micro-generations"
Generational trend keynote speaker Armida Ascano knows just how critical it is for businesses to understand different age groups. Traditionally, this has been approached by segmenting the general... MORE
Affordable Handcrafted Footwear
Affordable Handcrafted Footwear
Heimdall Footwear Creates Premium Boots at an Accessible Price
Heimdall Footwear is an Indonesian startup that recently made its debut on Kickstarter. The brand’s unique brush-off leather boots exceeded their campaign target funding goal in just one month,... MORE
play_circle_filled Philosophical Business Perspectives
Philosophical Business Perspectives
Alexander Wagner's Talk About Ethical Business is on Fraud
In his talk about ethical business, Alexander Wagner discusses what motivates companies to remain honest. The economist states that one in seven large public companies commit fraud in the United... MORE
Lab-Grown Expansion
Companies are exploring the lab-grown model to deliver unexpected products
Trend - While some startups are exploring the potential of cellular agriculture, envisioning the production of extinct or rare animal meats for the luxury market, others are deploying their research in this field as a way to advocate and bring awareness of industry practices.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a novelty product that your brand can offer thanks to new technology/science.
play_circle_filled The Truth of Propelling Fake News
The Truth of Propelling Fake News
Andrew Marantz Discusses Internet Trolls & How to End Fake News
Andrew Marantz, a journalist from ‘The New Yorker,’ gave a speech about the real world of internet trolls who disseminate fake news for political gain. He states that blatantly false... MORE
play_circle_filled AI & The Super Future
AI & The Super Future
Jeremy Gutsche's AI Keynote from Future Festival (Get Sale Tickets Now)
How much will AI impact YOUR future?  In this AI keynote, I talk about wild futuristic things happening with AI right now. Then I dive into the dramatic impact on innovation of AI when you... MORE
play_circle_filled How Deepfakes Threaten Democracy
How Deepfakes Threaten Democracy
Danielle Citron Considers the Implications of Deepfake Technology
Danielle Citron speaks about the far-reaching impacts of deepfake technology. Danielle Citron is a law professor, as well as the vice president of Cyber Civil Rights, a non-profit organization that... MORE
play_circle_filled Confronting the Plastic Problem
Confronting the Plastic Problem
Andrew Forrest's Talk Discusses an Economic Solution to Plastic
Entrepreneur Andrew Forrest—one of the top ten richest Australians and the former CEO of Fortescue Metals—confronts the plastic problem and how humanity’s misuse of it is leading... MORE
play_circle_filled Breaking Vaccination Myths
Breaking Vaccination Myths
Ethan Lindenberger's Talk on Vaccines Boasts the Power of the Internet
Ethan Lindenberger—a high school student, delivers a TED talk on vaccines that is sincere and informed. The speech highlights the importance of accurate information, the power of choice and... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Lifestyle
The Future of Lifestyle
Lifestyle Trend Keynote Speaker Shelby Walsh on Shifting Consumer Needs
Consumer behaviors are evolving rapidly, and lifestyle trend keynote speaker Shelby Walsh is the perfect person to get you caught up to speed. In her exploration of today’s most noteworthy... MORE
play_circle_filled Architectural Solutions to Flooding
Architectural Solutions to Flooding
Kotchakorn Voraakhom's Talk on Flooding Focuses on Bangkok
In her talk on flooding, urban landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom details how implementing a greener infrastructure to concrete spaces can serve as a way to manage disastrous impacts caused by... MORE
play_circle_filled Strengthening the Women's Movement
Strengthening the Women's Movement
Cecile Richards' Talk on the Women's Movement is Enthusiastic
Cecile Richards delivers an exceptionally empowering talk on the women’s movement that calls for mobilization and community-building. The speaker is an activist who wrote the best-selling &#... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Storytelling Design
Interactive Storytelling Design
David Cage's Talk on Interactive Storytelling Engages the Audience
David Cage harnesses his experience within the industry to deliver an informative and experiential talk on interactive storytelling. As a narrative architect, Dave Cage has worked on emotion-packed... MORE
play_circle_filled The First Semisynthetic Organism
The First Semisynthetic Organism
Floyd E. Romesberg's Talk on Semisynthetic Organisms is Engaging
Floyd E. Romesberg — an experienced chemist and biologist, delivers a talk on semisynthetic organisms that is truly riveting, cutting-edge and carries great implications for the healthcare industry.... MORE
play_circle_filled Decentralized Internet Systems
Decentralized Internet Systems
Tamas Kocsis' Talk on the Alternative Web Boasts Viable Options
Tamas Kocsis is an experienced, self-taught web developer who is devoted to the idea of creating a people-powered version of the Internet and his talk on the alternative web briefly touches upon his... MORE
play_circle_filled Personalized On-Demand Medication
Personalized On-Demand Medication
Daniel Kraft's Talk on Medication Displays the Benefits of Tech
Stanford- and Harvard-trained physician-scientist Dr. Daniel Kraft demonstrates his IntelliMedicine prototype printer during his TED talk on medication. His invention explores the potentials of... MORE
play_circle_filled Discovering Rare Galaxies
Discovering Rare Galaxies
Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil's Talk on the Universe Highlights a New Discovery
During Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil’s TED talk on the universe, the audience learns about the discovery of an extremely rare galaxy that challenges established theories and heavily accented assumptions.... MORE
play_circle_filled Helping Through Listening
Helping Through Listening
Sophie Andrews' Speech on Support Highlights the Need for Connections
Sophie Andrews, the CEO of The Silver Line, and the author of the book ‘Scarred,’ a biography that outlines her experiences with severe child abuse at the hand of her father, and the self-... MORE
Sustainable Water Transport
Sustainable Water Transport
Sandith Thandasherry's Talk on Eco Transportation Taps Solar Energy
Sandith Thandasherry’s talk on eco transportation details the benefits of vehicles that are powered by solar energy. The speaker is the CEO of NavAlt Solar and Electric boats. In his brief... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival Keynote (2,500,000 views!)
Future Festival Keynote (2,500,000 views!)
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
As a trends and innovation keynote speaker, most of my topics relate in some way to disruptive innovation and change, so I was eager to rock out this latest innovation keynote video on megatrends... MORE