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Improve the productivity, cohesiveness and success of your team with the invaluable content offered in our video collection of culture keynote presentations. These videos spotlight today’s leading culture keynote speakers and their insightful tips to strengthen team dynamics, to encourage experimentation and to align team goals and objectives. Discover the most effective strategies to developing an innovative and create team with our selection of the most influential culture keynote speeches.
Reforming Prison Practices
Reforming Prison Practices
Laura Rovener's Talk on Solitary Confinement Considers Ethics
Laura Rovner, a Professor of Law and Director of the Civil Rights Clinic at the University of Denver College of Law, recently gave a talk on solitary confinement in the American prison systems. She... MORE
play_circle_filled The Roots of Evil
The Roots of Evil
Dr. Julia Shaw Talks About the Perception of Evil and What May Cause It
Dr. Julia Shaw, a memory scientist, tells viewers that “its urgently time for empathy” for humanity. She states that while no one thinks of themselves as evil, it’s easy to assume... MORE
play_circle_filled Leading Change Through Disruption
Leading Change Through Disruption
Tony Hunter’s change Keynote at Future Festival
In this inspiring change keynote from Trend Hunter’s Future Festival, you’ll learn how to make change happen, based on the legendary experience of Tony Hunter, former CEO of the Chicago Tribune.... MORE
play_circle_filled Engaging Kids with Taboo Topics
Engaging Kids with Taboo Topics
Liz Kleinrock's Talk on Taboos is Informative and Constructive
Liz Kleinrock delivers a talk on taboos that promotes the initiation of dialogue in school environments. The speaker is a teacher who facilitates curricular content for kids in kindergarten and up.... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Retail
The Future of Retail
Retail Trend Keynote Speaker Ady Floyd on the Rise of Omnichannel Retail
According to retail trend keynote speaker Ady Floyd, the “retail apocalypse” we’ve heard so much about in recent years is not truly likely to become a reality any time soon. Although we’ve... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Work
The Future of Work
Work Culture Keynote Speaker Jaime Neely on the Evolution of Workplaces
Work culture keynote speaker Jaime Neely is a firm believer that regardless of whether you’re a junior employee or a CEO, your work environment will have a major impact on your non-work life.... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Play
The Future of Play
Leisure Trend Keynote Speaker Courtney Scharf on the Evolution of Entertainment
The world of entertainment is rapidly changing, and according to leisure trend keynote speaker Courtney Scharf, it won’t be slowing down any time soon. Many of today’s dominant entertainment... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Generations
The Future of Generations
Generational Trend Keynote Speaker Armida Ascano on "Micro-generations"
Generational trend keynote speaker Armida Ascano knows just how critical it is for businesses to understand different age groups. Traditionally, this has been approached by segmenting the general... MORE
Chitosan Care
Chitosan-incorporated skincare products are formulated to soothe and regenerate
Trend - Chitosan is an ingredient derived from chitin—which is found in shellfish exoskeletons. Its increased use in the skincare space is due to the interest surrounding its ability to soothe and restore the skin.
Workshop Question - How could your brand pique consumer interest with unheard of ingredients, formulas or formats?
play_circle_filled Local Food Initiatives
Local Food Initiatives
Mohammad Modarres Discusses the Importance of Shopping at a Farmers' Market
Mohammad Modarres gave a keynote where he discussed the importance of consumers shopping at a local farmers’ market. Modarres is the founder of Abe’s Eats which created meat products... MORE
play_circle_filled The Anxiety of Perfection
The Anxiety of Perfection
Daisy Jing Gives a Talk About Perfection and Its Consequences on Society
Daisy Jing, the influencer-turned-CEO of Banish—a multinational skincare company focusing on acne, gives a talk about perfection where she discusses her struggles with acne that followed her... MORE
play_circle_filled Lack of Educational Equality
Lack of Educational Equality
Anidya Kundu Gave a Talk on Public Education That's Eye-Opening
Anindya Kundu, a senior fellow at the City University of New York, Graduate Center and author of the book The Power of Student Agency, recently gave a talk on public education and the existing “... MORE
play_circle_filled Human-and-Machine Art Projects
Human-and-Machine Art Projects
Sougwen Chung Discusses Her Artistic Work with Machine Systems
Sougwen Chung gave a keynote discussing her artistic collaborations with machine systems. Chung was a research fellow at MIT’s Media Lab, and in 2019 she was chosen as the Woman of the year in... MORE
play_circle_filled NYC Archaeology Projects
NYC Archaeology Projects
Alyssa Loorya is an Urban Archaeologist Working to Uncover NYC's Past
In her keynote, Alyssa Loorya discusses being an urban archaeologist in New York City. Loorya is the President and Co-founder of Chrysalis Archaeology. She is also a board member at other... MORE
play_circle_filled Improving Your Adaptability
Improving Your Adaptability
Natalie Fratto Discusses the Importance of Adaptability in Bussiness
Natalie Fratto, a successful venture capital investor, gave a talk about the importance of adaptability. Fratto met with almost 300 different technology startups looking for funding last year, but... MORE
play_circle_filled Beneficial Workplace Conflicts
Beneficial Workplace Conflicts
Jess Kutch Discusses the Need for Productive Conflict in Workplaces
Jess Kutch gave a keynote on the benefits of productive conflict in the workplace. In 2013, Kutch was the cofounder of, which is a non-profit organization that empowers employees to... MORE
play_circle_filled Income and Brain Development
Income and Brain Development
Kimberly Noble Talks About Income and Brain Development
Kimberly Noble, a neuroscientist and pediatrician, talks about income and brain development, specifically analyzing the changes in children’s cognitive and emotional development. She notes... MORE
play_circle_filled How Deepfakes Threaten Democracy
How Deepfakes Threaten Democracy
Danielle Citron Considers the Implications of Deepfake Technology
Danielle Citron speaks about the far-reaching impacts of deepfake technology. Danielle Citron is a law professor, as well as the vice president of Cyber Civil Rights, a non-profit organization that... MORE
play_circle_filled Body-Positive Fashion
Body-Positive Fashion
Becca Mccharen-Tran Speaks on the Importance of Inclusive Fashion
Becca McCharen-Tran, a celebrated inclusive fashion desginer, discusses the impact that fashion designers have on which bodies are celebrated and considered beautiful by mainstream society—... MORE
play_circle_filled Teaching Sexuality to Kids
Teaching Sexuality to Kids
Lindsay Amer's Talk on Sexuality Highlights the Imidiecy & Need for It
In an age where individualism is celebrated and different expressions of gender are slowly but surely reaching a place of acceptance, conversations like the talk on sexuality by Lindsay Amer—a... MORE
play_circle_filled The Dangers of Perfectionism
The Dangers of Perfectionism
Thomas Curran's Talk on Perfectionism Reveals Dangerous Implications
Thomas Curran — a social and personality psychologist who is an assistant professor in the Department of Health at the University of Bath, delivers a talk on perfectionism that reveals some... MORE
play_circle_filled Walls as a Form of Architecture
Walls as a Form of Architecture
Ronald Rael's Talk on the Wall Embraces Social & Political Issues
Architect Ronald Rael delivers a talk on the wall which delves into the cultural meaning of the divide, with a primary focus on US-Mexico relations. The speaker is an experienced professional who... MORE
Understanding Women's Anger
Understanding Women's Anger
Soraya Chemaly's Talk on Women's Anger Advocates for Its Expression
Activist and writer Soraya Chemaly is largely concerned with gender dynamics and social justice and her talk on women’s anger reflects that. During her keynote, she takes a detailed look in... MORE
play_circle_filled How to Make Innovation Happen
How to Make Innovation Happen
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Best Speech
I’m excited to reveal my “best” innovation keynote speaker video so far, based on the ratings of my innovation keynotes at our last four Future Festival World Summits.  This... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Lifestyle
The Future of Lifestyle
Lifestyle Trend Keynote Speaker Shelby Walsh on Shifting Consumer Needs
Consumer behaviors are evolving rapidly, and lifestyle trend keynote speaker Shelby Walsh is the perfect person to get you caught up to speed. In her exploration of today’s most noteworthy... MORE