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Become inspired and moved by our expansive collection of videos featuring today’s most sought-after motivational keynote speakers from a wide range of professions and industries. Sharing experiences of triumph, failure, endurance and ceaseless determination, these motivational keynote presentations demonstrate how to overcome obstacles and remain positive despite economic hardships or setbacks. From coping with the recession to saving lives and rebuilding a brand, these motivational keynote speeches illustrate the boundless opportunity to achieve any goal, no matter how big or small.
Justice for the US-Mexico Border
Justice for the US-Mexico Border
Erika Pinheiro's Talk on Seeking Asylum Gives Cause for Concern
Erika Pinheiro, a Litigation and Policy Director of the direct legal services non-profit Al Otro Lado, recently gave a talk on the realities of seeking asylum in the United States and the unsettling... MORE
play_circle_filled Self-Actualization Road Maps
Self-Actualization Road Maps
Shannon Lee Discusses the Philosophy of Self-Actualization
Shannon Lee gave a keynote on the philosophy of self-actualization, inspired by her father, Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee is the CEO of the Bruce Lee Family Companies—she is also a singer, actor, and... MORE
play_circle_filled Finding Beauty in Divergence
Finding Beauty in Divergence
Winnie Harlow Talks About Her Struggles with Finding Her Own Beauty
Winnie Harlow, a model and activist, speaks about her struggles with vitiligo—a skin condition that makes her immune system think her melanin, the part of your body that makes the color in... MORE
play_circle_filled The Importance of Sleep
The Importance of Sleep
Matt Walker's Speech About the Importance of Sleep Highlights an Epidemic
To begin Matt Walker’s speech about the importance of sleep, he states the men who, on average, get fewer than 5 hours of sleep per night have significantly smaller testicles compared to their... MORE
play_circle_filled Body-Positive Fashion
Body-Positive Fashion
Becca Mccharen-Tran Speaks on the Importance of Inclusive Fashion
Becca McCharen-Tran, a celebrated inclusive fashion desginer, discusses the impact that fashion designers have on which bodies are celebrated and considered beautiful by mainstream society—... MORE
play_circle_filled The Skill of Decision-Making
The Skill of Decision-Making
Hajer Sharief's Talk on Politics Delves into the Family Environment
Hajer Sharief is an activist who delivers a TED talk on politics that encourages people — mainly women, youth, and people of color, to not be passive when it comes to decision-making. As the co-... MORE
play_circle_filled How to Make Innovation Happen
How to Make Innovation Happen
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Best Speech
I’m excited to reveal my “best” innovation keynote speaker video so far, based on the ratings of my innovation keynotes at our last four Future Festival World Summits.  This... MORE
play_circle_filled The Women-Centric Shift in Pakistan
The Women-Centric Shift in Pakistan
Shad Begum's Talk on Women in Politics is Truly Inspirational
As females edge their way into the intricacies of the political process in Pakistan, change is bound to instill and this talk on women in politics by activist Shad Begum explains what is happening... MORE
Fan From Home
Sports fan are preparing to enjoy the games at home with upgraded tech
Trend - Sports fans are now investing in larger screens, clearer picture quality, and upgraded audio as at-home sports viewings become the new "normal" for the foreseeable future. This enables them to host family and friends for a more immersive experience.
Workshop Question - How can your brand accommodate changing entertainment preferences from consumers?
play_circle_filled Innovate Through Chaos, Crisis & Recession
Innovate Through Chaos, Crisis & Recession
Chaos Lessons from Jeremy Gutsche's Create The Future
Crisis and chaos are different stages, and what you will learn in this innovation keynote video is that chaos creates predictable opportunity.  In short, chaos shuffles the deck and switches... MORE
play_circle_filled The Anxiety of Perfection
The Anxiety of Perfection
Daisy Jing Gives a Talk About Perfection and Its Consequences on Society
Daisy Jing, the influencer-turned-CEO of Banish—a multinational skincare company focusing on acne, gives a talk about perfection where she discusses her struggles with acne that followed her... MORE
play_circle_filled Organizing for Civil Rights and Freedom
Organizing for Civil Rights and Freedom
Bryan Stevenson Speaks with Civil Rights Leader John Lewis
As a part of its Legacy Protect, TED featured a previously recorded conversation between civil rights leader and former US congressman John Lewis and activist Bryan Stevenson, with the pair speaking... MORE
play_circle_filled A Future Without Belongings
A Future Without Belongings
Orit Dolev Gave a Talk About Cherishing Experiences Over Owning Items
Technology Designer Orit Dolev gave a talk about cherishing experiences over material items and examines the importance of services in a nomadic world where citizens can work from anywhere, so long... MORE
play_circle_filled Science's Geography Problem
Science's Geography Problem
Ella Al-Shamahi Talks About Exploring Hostile and Unstable Areas
Ella Al-Shamahi, a palaeoanthropologist who focuses on fossil hunting, recently gave a talk about the need to explore hostile and disputed areas further. There’s a huge area of the world that... MORE
play_circle_filled Income and Brain Development
Income and Brain Development
Kimberly Noble Talks About Income and Brain Development
Kimberly Noble, a neuroscientist and pediatrician, talks about income and brain development, specifically analyzing the changes in children’s cognitive and emotional development. She notes... MORE
play_circle_filled Facing the World's Unpredictability
Facing the World's Unpredictability
Margaret Heffernan's Talk on Unpredictability is Human-Centric
The talk on unpredictability is delivered by Margaret Heffernan — a writer and entrepreneur who has been the former CEO of five businesses. The speaker harnesses her expertise in the field to draw... MORE
play_circle_filled Teaching Sexuality to Kids
Teaching Sexuality to Kids
Lindsay Amer's Talk on Sexuality Highlights the Imidiecy & Need for It
In an age where individualism is celebrated and different expressions of gender are slowly but surely reaching a place of acceptance, conversations like the talk on sexuality by Lindsay Amer—a... MORE
play_circle_filled Tourette's as an Art Form
Tourette's as an Art Form
Jess Thom's Talk on Tourette's Boasts the Condition's Creative Potential
Jess Thom—a comedian, an artist and the founder of Touretteshero, delivers an astonishing talk on Tourette’s that addresses common misconceptions about the condition and reveals the... MORE
play_circle_filled Coping Strategies for Anxiety
Coping Strategies for Anxiety
Olivia Remes' Talk on Anxiety Relates Some Helpful Tips for Coping
One in 14 people around the world have an anxiety disorder — this is the way Olivia Remes, a psychologist at the University of Cambridge, begins her talk on anxiety. The condition is not only... MORE
play_circle_filled Eliminating Bias from AI
Eliminating Bias from AI
Kriti Sharma's Talk on Ethical AI Outlines a Very Real Profiling Problem
Kriti Sharma — a specialist in the development of artificial technologies, delivers a talk on ethical AI that deals with an easily overlooked problem. Aside from the common worry that tech is here... MORE
play_circle_filled Mistakes and Scientific Discoveries
Mistakes and Scientific Discoveries
Phil Plait's Keynote on Science is Passionate and Inspiring
Phil Plait is an astronomer whose keynote on science proves to be quite accessible and motivational. He passionately talks about the field of study, detailing what makes it unique and how scientists... MORE
play_circle_filled Signs of Dictatorships
Signs of Dictatorships
Farida Nabourema's Talk on Activism Deals with Autocracies and Human Rights
Farida Nabourema — a writer and an activist from Togo in West Africa, delivers an inspiring TED talk on activism. The keynote centers around autocracies, the foreign public perception of them, and... MORE
play_circle_filled The Subtle Art of Slow Multitasking
The Subtle Art of Slow Multitasking
Tim Harford's Talk on Slow Multitasking Boasts Famous Examples
The speaker who delivers this highly inspirational talk on slow multitasking is Tim Harford—a journalist, broadcaster, and economist who has taken over the Undercover Economist column for the... MORE
play_circle_filled The Politics of Belonging
The Politics of Belonging
George Monbiot's Talk on Politics of Belonging is Extremely Passionate
The TED talk on politics of belonging is delivered by George Monbiot — an author and a journalist whose work concerns the state of economics. The speaker proposes a new operational economic model... MORE
play_circle_filled The Dangers of Perfectionism
The Dangers of Perfectionism
Thomas Curran's Talk on Perfectionism Reveals Dangerous Implications
Thomas Curran — a social and personality psychologist who is an assistant professor in the Department of Health at the University of Bath, delivers a talk on perfectionism that reveals some... MORE