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Innovation Trends

Introduce yourself to a world of ingenuity and imagination with our comprehensive selection of videos presenting today’s most inspiring innovation keynote speakers. Discover the secrets behind the world’s most successful leaders of innovation in business, technology, design and science. This wide-ranging collection of innovation keynotes and innovation speakers offers expert advice and insightful tips from today’s top industry professionals.
play_circle_filled Leading Change Through Disruption
Leading Change Through Disruption
Tony Hunter’s change Keynote at Future Festival
In this inspiring change keynote from Trend Hunter’s Future Festival, you’ll learn how to make change happen, based on the legendary experience of Tony Hunter, former CEO of the Chicago Tribune.... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Storytelling Design
Interactive Storytelling Design
David Cage's Talk on Interactive Storytelling Engages the Audience
David Cage harnesses his experience within the industry to deliver an informative and experiential talk on interactive storytelling. As a narrative architect, Dave Cage has worked on emotion-packed... MORE
play_circle_filled AI & The Super Future
AI & The Super Future
Jeremy Gutsche's AI Keynote from Future Festival (Get Sale Tickets Now)
How much will AI impact YOUR future?  In this AI keynote, I talk about wild futuristic things happening with AI right now. Then I dive into the dramatic impact on innovation of AI when you... MORE
play_circle_filled The Value of Curiosity-Driven Research
The Value of Curiosity-Driven Research
Suzie Sheehy's Talk on Research Boasts Scientific Findings
Suzie Sheehy—an accelerator physicist, delivers a passionate TED talk on research that highlights the importance of being curious. Her keynote is accompanied by a small demo of cathode rays.... MORE
play_circle_filled Building Opportunities for Generation Unlimited
Building Opportunities for Generation Unlimited
Henrietta Fore's Talk on Gen U is a Call to Action
With her talk on Gen U, Henrietta Fore — UNICEF’s executive director, is actively seeking help from businesses, governments, not-for-profits, academic circles, communities and independent... MORE
play_circle_filled Intergenerational Workplaces
Intergenerational Workplaces
Chip Conley's Talk on Modern Workplaces Advocates for Age-Inclusivity
Chip Conley is an experienced boutique hotel entrepreneur, whose talk on modern workplaces gives valuable insight into the benefits of a cross-generational company makeup. Because of his knowledge,... MORE
play_circle_filled Personalized On-Demand Medication
Personalized On-Demand Medication
Daniel Kraft's Talk on Medication Displays the Benefits of Tech
Stanford- and Harvard-trained physician-scientist Dr. Daniel Kraft demonstrates his IntelliMedicine prototype printer during his TED talk on medication. His invention explores the potentials of... MORE
The Regeneration of Body Tissue
The Regeneration of Body Tissue
Kaitlyn Sadtler's Talk on Body Regeneration Boasts Recent Findings
Kaitlyn Sadtler is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT and her talk on body regeneration is extremely informative. As a regenerative tissue engineer, the speaker is working to optimize the process of... MORE
Reduced Pop-Up
Waste-reducing pop-ups highlight environmental consumerism
Implications - Brands in the fashion and food industries are creating pop-up shops that highlight their products while producing zero or reduced waste. This shift comes as brands within this space aim to differentiate themselves from the negative environmental impact that's associated with their industries, while catering to the rise of eco-conscious consumerism.
Workshop Question — How could your brand establish itself as a leader in environmentally friendly production or positioning?
play_circle_filled Bacteria Against Climate Change
Bacteria Against Climate Change
Morgan Vague's Talk on Plastic-Eating Bacteria Offers a Solution
Morgan Vague — a microbiologist who is focused on providing sustainable solutions to the impending realities of climate change, delivers a talk on plastic-eating bacteria that highlights a... MORE
play_circle_filled Functional Tattooing
Functional Tattooing
Carson Bruns' Keynote on Tattoos Boasts Possible Uses of Function-Forward Ink
Carson Bruns is a chemist and a visual artist who delivers an insightful keynote on tattoos. The talk reveals possible uses that will benefit the human agent. The speaker directs a laboratory, where... MORE
play_circle_filled Eliminating Bias from AI
Eliminating Bias from AI
Kriti Sharma's Talk on Ethical AI Outlines a Very Real Profiling Problem
Kriti Sharma — a specialist in the development of artificial technologies, delivers a talk on ethical AI that deals with an easily overlooked problem. Aside from the common worry that tech is here... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Innovation
The Future of Innovation
Innovation Tactics Keynote Speaker Jonathon Brown on Idea Adoption Paths
According to innovation tactics keynote speaker Jonathon Brown, having a great idea is no longer enough. It’s easy to fall prey to the assumption that if we come up with a good enough idea,... MORE
play_circle_filled Architectural Solutions to Flooding
Architectural Solutions to Flooding
Kotchakorn Voraakhom's Talk on Flooding Focuses on Bangkok
In her talk on flooding, urban landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom details how implementing a greener infrastructure to concrete spaces can serve as a way to manage disastrous impacts caused by... MORE
Fighting Silent Heart Attacks
Fighting Silent Heart Attacks
Akash Manoj's Talk on Silent Heart Attacks Spotlights His Invention
Akash Manoj is accredited with developing a novel technique that might save lives and his TED talk on silent heart attacks goes into further detail about the device. Funded by the Government of... MORE
play_circle_filled The Human/Tech Equilibrium
The Human/Tech Equilibrium
Nadjia Yousif's Talk on Work Environments Outlines Tech-human Relations
Technology mentor Nadjia Yousif delivers an informative talk on work environments that tackles a problem that often goes under the radar. This is the office relationship between humans and the... MORE
play_circle_filled The First Semisynthetic Organism
The First Semisynthetic Organism
Floyd E. Romesberg's Talk on Semisynthetic Organisms is Engaging
Floyd E. Romesberg — an experienced chemist and biologist, delivers a talk on semisynthetic organisms that is truly riveting, cutting-edge and carries great implications for the healthcare industry.... MORE
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Perceptive Developments
Virtual Reality Perceptive Developments
Thong Nguyen Gives a Talk about Virtual Reality Impacts
Thong Nguyen is an entrepreneur that focuses on future experience and he explains this with his TED talk about virtual reality impacts and how that can change the way that we perceive things.... MORE
play_circle_filled Actions to End Malnutrition
Actions to End Malnutrition
Dr. Sandro Demaio's Talk on Malnutrition Highlights Some Action Plans
Dr. Sandro Demaio delivers a talk on malnutrition that is geared toward highlighting the impact of the problem both on the individual and the global level. The talk features some examples and action... MORE
play_circle_filled Decentralized Internet Systems
Decentralized Internet Systems
Tamas Kocsis' Talk on the Alternative Web Boasts Viable Options
Tamas Kocsis is an experienced, self-taught web developer who is devoted to the idea of creating a people-powered version of the Internet and his talk on the alternative web briefly touches upon his... MORE
play_circle_filled Progressive Stages of Human Empathy
Progressive Stages of Human Empathy
Huzaifa Sial Gives an Influential Talk about The Empathy Gap
Huzaifa Sial is a designer and artist that works in the healthcare industry alongside artificial intelligence technology in creating and understanding better ways to treat patients—he recently... MORE
play_circle_filled Affordable Energy for Low-Income Families
Affordable Energy for Low-Income Families
DeAndrea Salvador's Talk on Energy is Community-Binding
DeAndrea Salvador — an environmental justice advocate and founder of not-for-profit organization RETI, conducts a TED talk on energy in the context of poverty. Although short, her keynote is... MORE
play_circle_filled Fingerprints as Story Tellers
Fingerprints as Story Tellers
Simona Francese's Talk on Fingerprints is Valuable to Police Cases
Simona Francese delivers a TED talk on fingerprints that highlights the spectacular properties of this humane feature and shares cutting-edge technology that has been developed to assist in police... MORE
play_circle_filled How to Make Innovation Happen
How to Make Innovation Happen
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Best Speech
I’m excited to reveal my “best” innovation keynote speaker video so far, based on the ratings of my innovation keynotes at our last four Future Festival World Summits.  This... MORE
play_circle_filled The Stigma in Science
The Stigma in Science
Nathalia Holt's Keynote on HIV Spotlights the Importance of PR Interference
Dr. Nathalia Holt is a research scientist and author who in her keynote on HIV makes the case of breaking the stigma in science. The speaker delivers a content-rich talk that draws on historical... MORE