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Unlock your inner creativity and imagination by watching our collection of the world’s brightest creativity keynote speakers. Our videos feature presentations from top industry creativity speakers in the world of business, education, technology, healthcare, media and more. The diverse variety of creativity keynote presentations reveals the limitless opportunity to spark imagination across all industries.
play_circle_filled Lessons From African-American Entrepreneurs
Lessons From African-American Entrepreneurs
A Look at Bloomberg's 'Building a Brand' Panel Talk
Bloomberg News and Bloomberg’s Black Professional Community hosted an immersive panel talk in New York during Black History Month of last year. Spotlighting lessons from African American... MORE
play_circle_filled Scientifically Falling Out of Love
Scientifically Falling Out of Love
Artist Dessa Discuses an Unconventional Approach to Heartbreak
Dessa, a rapper and writer from the hip hop collective called ‘Doomtree,’ gave a talk about her unconventional approach to heartbreak. She discusses her music’s trend focusing on... MORE
play_circle_filled Improving Executive Brain Function
Improving Executive Brain Function
Sabine Doebel's Talk on Executive Function Breaks a Common Myth
Sabine Doebel’s talk on executive function is quite interesting as it reveals a common myth and contradicts it. The speaker is a cognitive scientist with a Ph.D. from the Institute of Child... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Work
The Future of Work
Work Culture Keynote Speaker Jaime Neely on the Evolution of Workplaces
Work culture keynote speaker Jaime Neely is a firm believer that regardless of whether you’re a junior employee or a CEO, your work environment will have a major impact on your non-work life.... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Innovation
The Future of Innovation
Innovation Tactics Keynote Speaker Jonathon Brown on Idea Adoption Paths
According to innovation tactics keynote speaker Jonathon Brown, having a great idea is no longer enough. It’s easy to fall prey to the assumption that if we come up with a good enough idea,... MORE
play_circle_filled The Subtle Art of Slow Multitasking
The Subtle Art of Slow Multitasking
Tim Harford's Talk on Slow Multitasking Boasts Famous Examples
The speaker who delivers this highly inspirational talk on slow multitasking is Tim Harford—a journalist, broadcaster, and economist who has taken over the Undercover Economist column for the... MORE
play_circle_filled The Culprits Behind Performance Anxiety
The Culprits Behind Performance Anxiety
Sian Leah Beilock's Talk on Performance Identifies Causes
Sian Leah Beilock delivers a TED talk on performance anxiety by leveraging her experience as an athlete in high school and analyzing it through a scientific lens. As a cognitive scientist, the... MORE
play_circle_filled The Social Value of Controversial Art
The Social Value of Controversial Art
Dread Scott's Talk on Controversial Art is Revolutionary
Dread Scott’s talk on controversial art highlights the field’s potential in motivating social discussion, raising awareness of oppressive structures and being a catalyst for change. The... MORE
Virtual Escape
Virtual escape rooms offer an at-home alternative amid social distancing measures
Trend - Virtual escape rooms are increasingly being offered and engaged with online as a form of entertainment. These virtual games are more relevant as consumers around the world continue to deal with closures of or restrictions on various recreational activities.
Workshop Question - How is your brand engaging people who remain restricted in their activities?
play_circle_filled Functional Tattooing
Functional Tattooing
Carson Bruns' Keynote on Tattoos Boasts Possible Uses of Function-Forward Ink
Carson Bruns is a chemist and a visual artist who delivers an insightful keynote on tattoos. The talk reveals possible uses that will benefit the human agent. The speaker directs a laboratory, where... MORE
play_circle_filled How to Make Innovation Happen
How to Make Innovation Happen
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Best Speech
I’m excited to reveal my “best” innovation keynote speaker video so far, based on the ratings of my innovation keynotes at our last four Future Festival World Summits.  This... MORE
play_circle_filled Leveraging Tech in the Black Community
Leveraging Tech in the Black Community
Stefan Grant Discusses The Need for More Diversity in Tech
Stefan Grant is the Co-founder & CEO of Noirbnb, “an accommodations, experiences provider and concierge service created for the African diaspora and other people of color.” The... MORE
play_circle_filled Astrophysics Earthly Applications
Astrophysics Earthly Applications
Federica Bianco Outlines How Astrophysics Can Help Urban Science
Federica Bianco gave a keynote about how astrophysics methodologies can be applied to solve problems related to urban science. Bianco is a professor of astrophysics, and she studies stellar... MORE
play_circle_filled Discovering the Origin of Life
Discovering the Origin of Life
Tara Djokic's Discovery Suggests an Alternative Evolution of Life
The origin of life has been widely debated and theorized about throughout history. Scientists now know that the Earth is 4.2 billion years old and the only system we know that can support life—... MORE
play_circle_filled Tourette's as an Art Form
Tourette's as an Art Form
Jess Thom's Talk on Tourette's Boasts the Condition's Creative Potential
Jess Thom—a comedian, an artist and the founder of Touretteshero, delivers an astonishing talk on Tourette’s that addresses common misconceptions about the condition and reveals the... MORE
play_circle_filled The Art of Smell
The Art of Smell
Caro Verbeek Delivers a Talk on Smell That Focuses on Art and History
Caro Verbeek is a historian, with a focus on art, who delivers a TED talk on smell. The keynote is informative and engages the audiences with opportunities for participation. The speaker delivers a... MORE
play_circle_filled Advancing 'Team Human'
Advancing 'Team Human'
Douglas Rushkoff's Talk on the Digital Apocalypse is Incredibly Hopeful
Celebrated media theorist and digital futurist Douglas Rushkoff delivers a talk on the digital apocalypse that is eye-opening and motivational. The speaker begins his keynote with a personal anecdote.... MORE
play_circle_filled Connecting Families from Prison
Connecting Families from Prison
Alan Crickmore's Talk on Prison Expands on the Impact on Families
Alan Crickmore is an audio and video editor that is currently affiliated with ‘Storybook Dads’ and his talk on prison outlines the impacts of an imprisoned parent on children’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Storytelling Design
Interactive Storytelling Design
David Cage's Talk on Interactive Storytelling Engages the Audience
David Cage harnesses his experience within the industry to deliver an informative and experiential talk on interactive storytelling. As a narrative architect, Dave Cage has worked on emotion-packed... MORE
play_circle_filled The Value of Curiosity-Driven Research
The Value of Curiosity-Driven Research
Suzie Sheehy's Talk on Research Boasts Scientific Findings
Suzie Sheehy—an accelerator physicist, delivers a passionate TED talk on research that highlights the importance of being curious. Her keynote is accompanied by a small demo of cathode rays.... MORE
play_circle_filled The Art of Flying
The Art of Flying
Elizabeth Streb's Talk on Extreme Action is Charismatic & Motivational
Elizabeth Streb’s talk on extreme action is incredibly motivational and inspiring. The speaker is an extreme action and hardware architect who has been fascinated with defying gravity and... MORE
play_circle_filled Building Music Cities
Building Music Cities
Elizabeth Cawein's Keynote on Music Encourages the Creative Arts in Cities
During her keynote on music, Elizabeth Cawein expresses her passion for the performance art. In 2011, the speaker founded Signal Flow Public Relations and avidly advocates for a thriving music scene... MORE
play_circle_filled Ethical Museum Practices
Ethical Museum Practices
Chip Colwell's Talk on Cultural Treasures Advocates for Rightful Returns
Chip Cowell is an archaeologist and a museum curator, whose talk on cultural treasures highlights the importance of ownership and the ethical treatment of artifacts. The speaker specifically focuses... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Marketing
The Future of Marketing
Marketing Trend Keynote Speaker Gil Haddi on Today's Best Ad Practices
According to Gil Haddi, a Trend Hunter Futurist and marketing trend keynote speaker, traditional marketing no longer exists. What used to be a relatively cut and dried practice has become far more... MORE
play_circle_filled The Power of Drawing Visuals
The Power of Drawing Visuals
Anasthasia Shilov Gives a Talk About The Influence of Drawing
Anasthasia Shilov is a high school student at Hinsdale Central Secondary and she is passionate about pursuing a career in medicine—she gives a powerful talk about the influence of drawing.... MORE