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Reality Rendering

As the online world blends with the offline, web design follows suit

Implications - The line between online and offline living is becoming blurred at an accelerated rate, which is being acknowledged in website design. Consumers are beginning to view the two worlds as synonymous with one another, which requires is resulting in design that either mimics or enhances real life interaction.
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
237,625 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Mar 14 — Jun 14

Featured Examples

Terrifying Online Drowning Simulators
Terrifying Online Drowning Simulators
Sortie En Mer Promotes the Use of Lifejackets Through Fear
The folly of humans often lies in their belief that they are invincible, the Sortie En Mer website puts that into perspective. It features an interactive short film that simulates the experience of... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Mobile Catalogs
Interactive Mobile Catalogs
IKEA PS 2014 on the Move Was Presented in Full on Instagram
To present the IKEA PS 2014 collection in a way that was a little different than usual, Moscow’s Instinct agency helped to set up the first “Instagram website” for IKEA. The... MORE
Virtual French Tours
Virtual French Tours
Google Night Walk Will Let Users Take a Virtual Tour of Marseilles
Google Night Walk lets users see something that they may never get to see. Travelling can be an uplifting experience but not everyone gets to do it. Travelling to places like France especially can... MORE
Virtual Reality Arcade Games
Virtual Reality Arcade Games
A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Game Will Now Be Offered in Oculus Rift
Chuck E Cheese birthday parties are about to get a whole lot cooler, thanks to a partnership with Oculus Rift content creator Reel FX. The Chuck E Cheese/Reel FX partnership launched on May 20th... MORE
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Internet Browsers
Virtual Reality Internet Browsers
The FireBox Lets Users Immerse Themselves in the Online World
The FireBox is a virtual reality tool that allows users to experience the Internet in a whole new light. Instead of thinking about the Internet as made up of various pages, the inventor of The... MORE

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Related Examples

Worldwide Wakeup Infographic Sites
Worldwide Wakeup Infographic Sites
IKEA's Life at Home Studies Morning Rituals Across the World
Revolutionized Furniture Hacks
Revolutionized Furniture Hacks
The Semihandmade Studio Offers Quality, Customized Designs
Virtual Decorating Apps
Virtual Decorating Apps
Furnish's Augmented Reality App for Interior Design Makes Choices Easy
Kitschy Kitchen Stools
Kitschy Kitchen Stools
This Hardwood Step Stool is Handmade and Vintage
play_circle_filled Self-Assembling Lamps
Self-Assembling Lamps
Researchers at the Wyss Institute of Harvard Develop a 3D Illuminator
Comical Brand Pictographs
Comical Brand Pictographs
These New IKEA Signs are Hilariously Obvious
play_circle_filled Multi-Directional Treadmills
Multi-Directional Treadmills
The InfinAdeck Lets the User Move in Whatever Direction They Want
Eco Electric Bicycles
Eco Electric Bicycles
In Austria, IKEA is Adding an Electric Bike to Its Catalog
Fowl Virtual Reality Headsets
Fowl Virtual Reality Headsets
This Virtual Headset Tricks a Chicken into Thinking It Can Roam Free
Virtual Zombie-Shooting Games
Virtual Zombie-Shooting Games
'Zero Latency' is Developing a Free-Roaming Virtual Reality Game
play_circle_filled Incredible Camera Drones
Incredible Camera Drones
The Bebop Drone is a Camera-Toting Quadcopter of the Highest Quality
Familial Home Ritual Campaigns
Familial Home Ritual Campaigns
IKEA's #Houserules Has Families Share Their Unique Home Rules
Familial Furniture Ads
Familial Furniture Ads
The IKEA Family Tree Campaign Maps Out Where Babies Are Made
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Yearbooks
Virtual Reality Yearbooks
The University of Tampa Uses a Virtual Yearbook to Spice Things Up
High-Tech GPS Lifejackets
High-Tech GPS Lifejackets
These Lifejackets Could Help Prevent Fatalities in a Sea Disaster
Virtual Boat Sailing Glasses
Virtual Boat Sailing Glasses
The Afterguard HUD Lets Sailors React in Record Time
Virtual Reality Handheld Games
Virtual Reality Handheld Games
The New Game Tomodachi Life Lets You Create Your Own World
Collaborative Bomb Diffusal Simulators
Collaborative Bomb Diffusal Simulators
This Oculus Rift Game Lets People Work Together to Survive
Multiplied Duplicate Art Projects
Multiplied Duplicate Art Projects
Alexis Jemus Made a Clone Army in IKEA
play_circle_filled Anime Monster Scavenger Hunts
Anime Monster Scavenger Hunts
This Google Maps App Lets You Find and Catch Pokemon
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Shopping Aisles
Virtual Reality Shopping Aisles
Tesco Allows Users to Go Shopping in a Virtual Store
Virtual Reality Gaming Headsets
Virtual Reality Gaming Headsets
The Sony Project Morpheus Brings a New Medium to Console Gaming
Virtual Reality Movie Trailers
Virtual Reality Movie Trailers
Google Glass Preview Will Let Users See Trailers Wherever They Are
Map-Patching Social Apps
Map-Patching Social Apps
Mapillary is an App That Fills in the Gaps for Google Maps
3D Sitcom Simulators
3D Sitcom Simulators
Jerry's Place Uses the Oculus Rift to Recreate Seinfeld's Apartment
Virtual Hotel Concierges
Virtual Hotel Concierges
Hotel Indigo's Neighborhood Guide Provides Expert Recommendations
Pain-Reducing Video Games
Pain-Reducing Video Games
This Augmented Reality Game Allivates Pain in Amputee Patients
play_circle_filled Immersive Virtual Fashion Shows
Immersive Virtual Fashion Shows
Topshop Unique Fall 2014 Fashion Will Be Virtually Presented
Indoor Navigation Apps
Indoor Navigation Apps
The Inside App Makes Directories a Thing of the Past
play_circle_filled Transformer-Inspired Reality Simulators
Transformer-Inspired Reality Simulators
The Oculus Rift & Ford Partnership Experiment is 3-D
3D Assisted Virtual Games
3D Assisted Virtual Games
Blaha’s Diplopia Helps People with 2D Vision See in 3D
play_circle_filled Transparent Pod Hotels
Transparent Pod Hotels
Attrap Rêves in France Lets Travelers Literally Sleep Under the Stars
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Helmets
Virtual Reality Helmets
The Oculus Rift is a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Headset
Suction Cup Smartphone Holders
Suction Cup Smartphone Holders
The iPhone Windshield Mount Securely Holds the Device on the Glass
Sleek Lifeguard Robots
Sleek Lifeguard Robots
The SAFEWAVE Robotic Buoy Autonomously Saves Swimmers
Anti-Drowning Collars
Anti-Drowning Collars
The 'SEAL' Swim Monitor Prevents Drowning By Sensing Danger
Techie Swimmer Safety Bands
Techie Swimmer Safety Bands
The Seal System Alerts Lifeguards to Kids in Aquatic Peril
Gun-Launched Lifesavers
Gun-Launched Lifesavers
The Save Trigger Promises Better Accuracy for Seeking Troubled Swimmers
Spyglass Safety Rings
Spyglass Safety Rings
'Under the Sea' Keeps Kids Afloat and Offers a View of Aquatic Life Beneath
play_circle_filled Inflatable Surf Gear
Inflatable Surf Gear
Billabong V1 Wetsuit Increases Survival Chances in a Wipeout
play_circle_filled Thrilling Third Dimension Ads
Thrilling Third Dimension Ads
Adidas 3D Mapping Projection Uses the Palais du Pharo as its Canvas
Athletic Projection Promotions
Athletic Projection Promotions
The 'Adidas is All in' Campaign Brings a Light Show to Marseille
Fashionable Lifesavers
Fashionable Lifesavers
'The Lifejacket' Will Have You Staying Afloat of Style
Lifejacket for Avalanches
Lifejacket for Avalanches
Snowpulse Lifebag