The Seal System Alerts Lifeguards to Kids in Aquatic Peril

 - May 28, 2013
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The Seal system is a new gadget meant to alert lifeguards and parents when children are drowning. The system was developed by Graham Snyder, a North Carolinan physician who unfortunately had to respond to the drowning death of a young child. Snyder's Seal system is meant to ensure that drowning deaths don't go unnoticed.

The entire system is made up of three parts. The SealBands loosely attach to the necks of swimmers and are connected to GuardBands worn by lifeguards. The SealBands send a signal to a portable receiver placed near the pool. If a band has been underwater past a preset time limit, the GuardBand will be notified. While the system won't tell the lifeguard where the drowning kid is, it will at least give him a heads-up. Snyder is seeking $85,000 in funding for the Seal system on Indiegogo.