The iPhone Windshield Mount Securely Holds the Device on the Glass

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: fancy
Although using your phone and driving is a no no, the iPhone Windshield Mount helps to transform your smartphone into a perfect driving companion. While other smartphone docks and holders are rather clunky and often place the device below your sight lines, the iPhone Windshield Mount is able to put the device in your peripheral vision, so quickly checking the map is effortless.

Traditional GPS devices are becoming somewhat obsolete with the advent of Google Maps on our phones, which is why products like the iPhone Windshield Mount are becoming commonplace. Using a device safely while driving is essential and the great feature of the iPhone Windshield Mount is that it places the phone in a position that makes it easily seen, but not easily manipulated while driving, which can hopefully deter usage while in motion.