The 'SEAL' Swim Monitor Prevents Drowning By Sensing Danger

 - May 30, 2013
References: & dvice
Combating drowning deaths, the 'SEAL' swim monitor works to keep swimmers safe in any situation. The swim monitor is a waterproofed necklace that senses when the swimmer is in danger. If the sensors are triggered, a base station is alerted and a parent or lifeguard can go rescue the distressed swimmer.

Each device can be configured according the swimmer's proficiency. The setting allows the sensor to adjust its sensitivity. If a person doesn't know how to swim, SEAL will send out an alarm as soon as the necklace touches water. However, if the wearer is a professional swimmer, the necklace becomes much less sensitive.

The sensors use patented technology in order to detect when the swimmer is in danger. Adjusting to each wearer's habits, SEAL only sounds an alarm when there is a credible threat.