This Augmented Reality Game Allivates Pain in Amputee Patients

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: wired & theverge
An augmented reality game is helping amputee patients feel relief from their phantom limb pain.

Phantom limb syndrome is the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving normally with other body parts. People with this report to feeling immense pain caused by trying to control an arm or leg that is no longer attached to the body. To help alleviate this pain, Researcher Max Ortiz Catalan placed electrodes on a man's body that allowed him to control his phantom limb projected on a screen. The game allows users to feel like they're controlling the screen with their said limb.

This brilliant method of virtual reality tricks the brain into thinking it is moving and controlling the lost limb, which has reports of lessening the internal pain for these patients.