This Oculus Rift Game Lets People Work Together to Survive

 - Apr 13, 2014
References: oculusvr & technabob
Now that the dust has settled on the Facebook acquisition of Oculus Rift, we're starting to see the true beginnings of Oculus Rift games. This particular game lets users play together as they try and figure out a way to not get blown up.

One of the flaws with Oculus Rift and virtual reality platforms in general is they can be a solitary experience. The game, aptly called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, adds a collaborative spirit to the virtual reality genre by letting other members read out instructions as a single player tries to figure out the puzzle.

The present of gaming is online play and playing with others, so being able to throw that into the mix for virtual reality makes for an exciting future for Oculus Rift games.