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Simulated Marketing

Heightening viewer experiences, brands adopt virtual simulations

Implications - Offering consumers a more immersive campaign experience, brands are adopting virtual simulators to get viewers more involved. Using simulators to create virtual environments and surreal re-enactments, brands are blurring the lines between reality and the digital sphere, allowing consumers to experience proposed products or services in a fresh, exciting way.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
268,258 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 13 — Jan 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Terrifying Online Drowning Simulators
Terrifying Online Drowning Simulators
Sortie En Mer Promotes the Use of Lifejackets Through Fear
The folly of humans often lies in their belief that they are invincible, the Sortie En Mer website puts that into perspective. It features an interactive short film that simulates the experience of... MORE
Bomb-Simulating Phone Ads
Bomb-Simulating Phone Ads
Homeland's Fourth Season is Marketed with Quite the Bang
The fourth season of Homeland is being marketed in very bone-shocking way. Hitting the silver screen on October 4th, 2014, Showtime Networks launched a mobile trailer for the political thriller that... MORE
Suicide-Simulating Billboards
Suicide-Simulating Billboards
A Volunteer Ad Lets You Pick Up the Phone to Save a Girl
A volunteer ad campaign to recruit more staff for the Samaritans support line lets pedestrians save a virtual girl by picking up the phone. Developed by a team at London’s Central Saint... MORE
play_circle_filled Tourist Simulator Billboards
Tourist Simulator Billboards
This Travel Marketing Stunt Gives a Real-Time Tour of NYC
As part of a unique travel marketing stunt to promote Norwegian Airlines’ direct flights to major American cities, a Norwegian Red Cab was sent to the city of NYC to give people in Oslo the... MORE
play_circle_filled Virtual Skateboarding Simulators
Virtual Skateboarding Simulators
Mountain Dew Lets People Try Out Virtual Reality Digital Skating
Mountain Dew set up a unique digital skateboarding experience that made use of Oculus Rift, in order to encourage new people to try out the sport. When you’re just starting out, skateboarding... MORE
play_circle_filled Aging Simulation Campaigns
Aging Simulation Campaigns
Orange's Interactive Campaign Lets You Talk to Your Future Self
To mark its 20th anniversary, Orange kicked off the celebration with the #FutureSelf campaign and an interactive online experience where you can talk to your future self. In the spirit of looking... MORE

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Brazilian Taxi Networks
Brazilian Taxi Networks
The ResolveAÍ App Updates Brazil's Cabs
Nostalgic Soda Relaunches
Nostalgic Soda Relaunches
Take a Trip Back to the 90s with a Sip from Surge Soda
90s Beverage Comeback
90s Beverage Comeback
The Surge Movement Resurrects the 'Mountain Dew Killer'
play_circle_filled Finger-Torturing Games
Finger-Torturing Games
DUAC's Skin Care Ads Use Games to Show How Acne Makes Your Fingers Sad
Taxi Routing Maps
Taxi Routing Maps
This NYC Taxi Project Recounts a Day in the Life of a Cabbie
play_circle_filled Bawling Baby Ads
Bawling Baby Ads
This Heartwarming Mobile Ad Proves That Technology Will Never Replace Love
play_circle_filled Virtual Seashell Ads
Virtual Seashell Ads
TONI&GUY;'s Sea Salt Hair Spray Ad Lets You Hear the Beach Through Your Phone
Beacon-Powered Retail Platforms
Beacon-Powered Retail Platforms
Swirl's Mobile Marketing Platform Engages Consumers on a New Level
play_circle_filled Extraterrestrial Mobile Ads
Extraterrestrial Mobile Ads
This Samsung World Cup Ad Shows Star Players Training to Battle Aliens
play_circle_filled Rival Camaraderie Pop Machines
Rival Camaraderie Pop Machines
Coca-Cola's Play Fair Machine Helps Rival Sports Fan Share a Coke
play_circle_filled Moving Taxi Cab Ads
Moving Taxi Cab Ads
Live Screens Now Sit Atop Taxis in New York
Slow-Driving Taxi Services
Slow-Driving Taxi Services
Kotsu's Turtle Taxis in Japan Have an Option to Go as Slow as a Turtle
play_circle_filled Virtual Soccer Stadium Visits
Virtual Soccer Stadium Visits
Manchester United 'Front Row' Brought Fans to the Field with Google+
High-Tech GPS Lifejackets
High-Tech GPS Lifejackets
These Lifejackets Could Help Prevent Fatalities in a Sea Disaster
play_circle_filled Wrench-Integrated Bottle Caps
Wrench-Integrated Bottle Caps
The Dew Bottle Tool Puts a Wrench in a Mountain Dew Bottle's Cap
App-Detecting Bank Campaigns
App-Detecting Bank Campaigns
Garanti Bank Used Code to Hypertarget Mobile Campaigns
play_circle_filled Affection-Encouraging Apps
Affection-Encouraging Apps
The Valentine Kiss App Rewarded Smoochers on February 14th
Virtual Staring Contests
Virtual Staring Contests
KFC's Chicken Stare Off is an Intense Online Staring Competition
Pop-Inspired Cheesy Snacks
Pop-Inspired Cheesy Snacks
Mountain Dew Cheetos Makes for a Strange Combination
Reinvented Yellow Taxis
Reinvented Yellow Taxis
The Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow is the New Official Cab of NYC
Interactive Wolf-Calling Campaigns
Interactive Wolf-Calling Campaigns
Eristoff Vodka Invited Facebook Fans to Howl with the Wolves
Retro Glowing Gamer Soaps
Retro Glowing Gamer Soaps
This Video Game Soap Set is Germ-Killing Fun
Curated Lifestyle Campaigns
Curated Lifestyle Campaigns
The eBay App Lets You Indulge in Your Hobbies and Desires
Cab-Inspired Flats
Cab-Inspired Flats
These Kate Spade Taxi Flats are a Fun and Practical Way to Get Around Town
Bidding Taxi Apps
Bidding Taxi Apps
The Didi Dache App Lets Users Bid for Fast Taxi Service
Frisky Bed-Fetishizing Platforms
Frisky Bed-Fetishizing Platforms
The 'Hot Malm' Adult Video Site Replaces People with Beds
Sleek Lifeguard Robots
Sleek Lifeguard Robots
The SAFEWAVE Robotic Buoy Autonomously Saves Swimmers
play_circle_filled Computer Censoring Apps
Computer Censoring Apps
The 'Silencer' App Blocks Out Your Laptop with a Window
Human-Eyed Pet Ads
Human-Eyed Pet Ads
The RSPCA Qld Campaign Shows How Similar People and Animals Are
Owl-Filled Fashion Ads
Owl-Filled Fashion Ads
The Mulberry Fall 2013 Campaign Stars an Elegant Cara Delevingne
QR Code Innuendo Ads
QR Code Innuendo Ads
A Prudence Condoms Campaign Peaks Curiosity with Suggestive QR Codes
Drama-Filled Fashion Ads
Drama-Filled Fashion Ads
The Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013 Campaign is Rife with Emotion
Iconic Mustache Ads
Iconic Mustache Ads
A Series of Ads for Schick Razors Illustrate Instantly Recognizable Staches
play_circle_filled Awkward Arm Shaking Ads
Awkward Arm Shaking Ads
The 'Awkward Shake' Video Showcases a Funny Hand Motion
Soundwave Typeface Ads
Soundwave Typeface Ads
The Sound Typeface Campaign Visually Sculpts Soundwaves into Words
Dynamic Threesome Fashion Ads
Dynamic Threesome Fashion Ads
The Tom Ford AW13 Campaign is Bold and Bright
play_circle_filled Hunger-Alleviating Ads
Hunger-Alleviating Ads
The 'Food Link' Campaign Let Users Carry Virtual Food Between Two Ads
Anti-Drowning Collars
Anti-Drowning Collars
The 'SEAL' Swim Monitor Prevents Drowning By Sensing Danger
Techie Swimmer Safety Bands
Techie Swimmer Safety Bands
The Seal System Alerts Lifeguards to Kids in Aquatic Peril
Upcyled Soda Drink Suits
Upcyled Soda Drink Suits
This Mountain Dew Shirt is Made for Parties
Controversial Rapper-Created Ads
Controversial Rapper-Created Ads
Tyler, the Creator's Mountain Dew Ad Gets Pulled Off the Air
play_circle_filled Automobile Administrative Applications
Automobile Administrative Applications
The 'Automatic' Car Monitor Device Ensures Vehicle Safety
Contraceptive-Conferring Cabbies
Contraceptive-Conferring Cabbies
The Trojan Safe Ride Taxis Quiz Passengers on Health Issues
Fib-Detecting Mobile Ads
Fib-Detecting Mobile Ads
The Telkom Indonesia Speedy Monitoring Campaign Promotes Truth-Telling
Time-Travelling Taxis
Time-Travelling Taxis
Nooka Transforming Back to the Future Delorean into Yellow Cab
Gun-Launched Lifesavers
Gun-Launched Lifesavers
The Save Trigger Promises Better Accuracy for Seeking Troubled Swimmers
play_circle_filled Malt Soda Rebranding Contests
Malt Soda Rebranding Contests
Mountain Dew 'Discover Gold' Asks You to Rename & Redesign Packaging
play_circle_filled Media-Inspired Mobile Add-Ons
Media-Inspired Mobile Add-Ons
The Paparazzo iPhone Camera Flash Improves Picture Quality
Interactive Bat Caves
Interactive Bat Caves
Pepsi Promotes The Dark Knight Rises With Mountain Dew Gotham City Campaign
Spyglass Safety Rings
Spyglass Safety Rings
'Under the Sea' Keeps Kids Afloat and Offers a View of Aquatic Life Beneath
play_circle_filled Inflatable Surf Gear
Inflatable Surf Gear
Billabong V1 Wetsuit Increases Survival Chances in a Wipeout
Fashionable Lifesavers
Fashionable Lifesavers
'The Lifejacket' Will Have You Staying Afloat of Style
Lifejacket for Avalanches
Lifejacket for Avalanches
Snowpulse Lifebag