Coca-Cola's Play Fair Machine Helps Rival Sports Fan Share a Coke

 - May 14, 2014
References: & adverblog
Coca-Cola's 'Play Fair' machine was set up at the San Siro Stadium in Milan and encouraged Inter and Milan fans to share a Coke with a stranger who supports the opposite team. The rivalry between Inter and Milan is one that goes back decades and as the campaign video proves, people are very passionate about their teams.

After pressing a giant "Share" button on the machine, a second machine in another area would release a Coke to a rival fan. Both of the machines were equipped with webcams and screens, and there were plenty of friendly taunts and jeers that were exchanged in the process. Sharing Coca-Cola became like a competition in itself and in about an hour, all of the Cokes were shared.

With its 'Small World' machine, Coca-Cola also attempted a larger scale version of this experiment with the India-Pakistan crisis.