From Customizable Logos to Free Branded Wrapping Paper

 - Mar 26, 2015
Once a brand has established a tangible relationship with consumers, there are endless ways to play on that connection in ways that still champion nostalgia for the brand, whether this comes in the form of customizable logos that can be shared or experiential activations.

For a previous Halloween season, KFC Australia memorably decorated the country's drive-thru menu signs so that the Colonel appeared as a zombie. Another favorite example is Coca-Cola's use of the classic swish in the brand's logo as inspiration for the shape of a free skateboarding ramp set up in Brazil. In both cases, the consumer recognizes the brand's emblem and experiences it in a fun, playful way, a connotation that will stay with them the next time they are selecting between fast food or soda options.

By playing on the trusted nature of the logo, a brand is capitalizing on the chance to create new experiences with the consumer that they will come to remember positively.