Pepsi's Time Tunnel Provides a Shocking Surprise in the City

 - Jan 9, 2015
References: pepsi & adsoftheworld
If there's a place that you'd rather not be surprised by something unexpected, it is probably a creepy dark alleyway—naturally, this is exactly where this Pepsi Time Tunnel stunt happens.

At the end of a dark alley, Pepsi set up a projection that made it seem as though virtual cars, robots and dinosaurs were suddenly coming your way after a rip in time. The shock only seems to last a few seconds and the unsuspecting people are quick to clue in that it's only an animation. Although it may not have been apparent in the moment, the the Pepsi Time Tunnel cleverly ties in with the message that Pepsi Max is all about "Maximum taste, no sugar" paralleled by this stunt, which provides "Maximum impact, no worries."