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Highbrow Horror

Brands turn to high-budget horror themes for their commercials

Trend - Brands are using the Halloween season to adopt high-budget scare campaigns which feature commercials worthy of cinematic trailers, in an attempt to avoid the traditional or kitschy pitfalls of seasonal branding.

Insight - When it comes to branded campaigns, Millennial and Gen Z consumers are less inclined to appreciate traditional marketing tactics. Individuals from these generations are accustomed to creative collaborations and expressions that they observe or take part in on social media, and so expect that brands take less conservative routes when it comes to selling their products and services.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a scary commercial that sells your product/service.
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
90,874 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 17 — Oct 18
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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