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Electric Insurance

Insurance and security platforms protect consumer's investment in e-bikes

Trend - Where once, the major risks associated with mobility stemmed from automobiles, today a rise in popularity of transportation alternatives like e-bikes have necessitated new forms of insurance coverage. By providing coverage or support for loss and damages or injury for electronic bikes, these companies are aligning with the economic and social progression of the future of mobility.

Insight - As major cities around the world become increasingly populated, consumers' transportation needs are evolving. Compact, eco-friendly transportation is increasingly prevalent, and consumers are demanding the same safety and protections that automobiles receive as incentive for using environmentally friendly options.
Workshop Question - How has your brand contributed to the social and technological procession of the consumer space?
4 Featured, 32 Examples:
64,993 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 18 — Oct 18
Consumer Insight Topics:

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