BlockMedx Aims to End the Opioid Crisis Using the Blockchain

 - Jul 12, 2018
References: blockmedx
Founded with a mission for social impact, BlockMedx offers an end-to-end e-prescribing platform to help better mitigate the opioid crisis. This e-prescribing platform functions off blockchain technology and serves as a predictive analytics tool for physicians, pharmacists and patients. So how does this help solve the opioid crisis? Part of the issue lies in the individual prescription drug-monitoring programs that are specific to each state. BlockMedx aims to solve this issue by allowing pharmacies and doctors the ability to create an immutable and completely private distributed database of prescriptions.

The BlockMedx also offers a token system, which can be used to pay for medical services. Known as MDX, this token allows patients to co-pay at the pharmacy or doctors office, and also includes incentives from payors.