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Animated Influencer

Online influencers and vloggers evolve into digital animations

Trend - Online influencers continue to evolve with emerging platforms and forms of content creation, and with that, we’re seeing a shift toward more digitally animated personas. These digitally created animations that evoke nostalgia and familiarity in their cartoonish form.

Insight - Millennials and Gen Z consumers emphasize experience not only in the product space, but also in reference to content and beyond. As a result, younger audiences prioritize novelty—whether it be in terms of immersion or something unexpected. In this space, engagement is increased as consumers choose to interact and explore new forms of presentation, product storytelling, and more.
Workshop Question - How can your brand leverage an unconventional influencer or media persona to add a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality to your brand?
5 Featured, 45 Examples:
74,713 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 17 — Dec 19
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Virtual Fashion Influencers
Virtual Fashion Influencers
Miquela Sousa is Instagram's First Virtual Fashion Icon
Miquela Sousa is a nineteen-year-old half-Brazillian, half-Spanish model and singer, whose presence is contained exclusively online on Instagram as she is the first virtual fashion influencer.... MORE
play_circle_filled Cartoon Vlogger Influencers
Cartoon Vlogger Influencers
Sanrio's Hello Kitty Just Got an Incredibly Adorable YouTube Channel
As the digital revolution spawned realistic CGI influencers like Lil Miquela and gorgeous computerized models like Shudu, it should come as no surprise that the latest entertainment and lifestyle... MORE
play_circle_filled Teen Pony Webseries
Teen Pony Webseries
'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls' is a New Digital Series Set in High School
Hasbro is now expanding its “Mane 6” My Little Ponies with seven grown-up characters in a new digital series called ‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.’ The new “Mane 7&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Creative Clay Webseries
Creative Clay Webseries
Hasbro's 'Play-Doh Show' is a Short Animated Stop-Motion Series for Kids
Hasbro recently launched the Play-Doh Show as an all-new series of animated stop-motion shorts on YouTube. From now until the end of the year, short episodes will be airing weekly, giving a peek... MORE
play_circle_filled Empowering Educational Series
Empowering Educational Series
Earth to Luna is an Cartoon about Science with a Strong Female Lead
Earth to Luna is a preschool animated series following main character Luna—a six-year old with a passion for all things science-related. The educational show’s episodes can be streamed... MORE

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Related Examples

play_circle_filled Inspirational Kindergarten Series
Inspirational Kindergarten Series
Chip and Potato Follow a Loveable Pug and Mouse at a New School
play_circle_filled Empowering DIY Video Series
Empowering DIY Video Series
GoldieSquad Show is a YouTube Series That Encourages Girls to Create
Spooky Disney Series Toys
Spooky Disney Series Toys
Just Play's Vampirina Best Ghoul Friends Set Celebrates the Series
play_circle_filled Empowering Detective Shows
Empowering Detective Shows
Carmen Sandiego Follows a Thief Who Steals for the Greater Good
play_circle_filled Diverse Superhero Series
Diverse Superhero Series
The Twelve Forever Series Follows Characters Who Don't Want to Grow Up
Barn-Themed Toy Sets
Barn-Themed Toy Sets
The Spirit Riding Free Toy Set is Perfect for Fans of the Show
Eco-Friendly Archery Toys
Eco-Friendly Archery Toys
Tangerine Toys' Bow and Arrow Set Consists of Wood and Felt Materials
Sustainable Tactile Toys
Sustainable Tactile Toys
Hevea Planet's Star Ball is Made from Natural Rubber Without Coloring
Sustainable Recycling-Themed Toys
Sustainable Recycling-Themed Toys
Green Toys' Recycling Truck Encourages Eco-Friendly Habits
Cartoon Cat-Themed Sneakers
Cartoon Cat-Themed Sneakers
Nike Released a Hello Kitty Air Presto Sneaker with Steven Smith
Luxurious Cartoon-Inspired Cashmere Apparel
Luxurious Cartoon-Inspired Cashmere Apparel
Chinti & Parker Launches a Whimsical Hello Kitty Line
Canvas Cartoon Cat Sneakers
Canvas Cartoon Cat Sneakers
Hello Kitty and Converse Have Joined for a Series of Sneaker Designs
Iconic Cat Swim Suits
Iconic Cat Swim Suits
This Hello Kitty Bathing Suit is Unique and Adorable
Iconic Cat Streetwear Collaborations
Iconic Cat Streetwear Collaborations
Hello Kitty and Anti Social Social Club Have Partnered
Cartoon Cat Home Collections
Cartoon Cat Home Collections
The Hello Kitty Home Collection Was Made with PBTeen
Digital Influencer Fashion Collaborations
Digital Influencer Fashion Collaborations
Lil Miquela Showcases an Exclusive T-Shirt by Barneys
Cartoon Cat Train Designs
Cartoon Cat Train Designs
The Design Plans for the Hello Kitty Train in Japan Have Been Revealed
Fully Digital Models
Fully Digital Models
Shudu is a Project by Photographer Cameron James-Wilson
VR Ski Machines
VR Ski Machines
The SkyTechSport Ski Simulator Uses Virtual Reality to Recreate the Slopes
VR Sampling Experiences
VR Sampling Experiences
Président Cheese's 'Taste with A Pro' Pairs Food and Recipe Creation
Motion Sickness-Preventing Devices
Motion Sickness-Preventing Devices
This VR Immersion Add-On Stops the Wearer From Feeling Nauseaus
VR Media Platforms
VR Media Platforms
'Plex VR' Creates a VR Viewing Environment for 3D and 360-Degree Videos
VR-Based Hollywood Films
VR-Based Hollywood Films
'The Humanity Bureau' Will Be Releasing in Virtual Reality First
VR Fast Food Restaurants
VR Fast Food Restaurants
Guests Can Play KFC's 'The Hard Way' at One Remodeled Location
play_circle_filled Virtual Reality Gyms
Virtual Reality Gyms
Black Box VR Give Everyday Workouts a Video Game Twist
VR Music Festival Apps
VR Music Festival Apps
Beldent Infinit Wants to Make Music Festivals Accessible to All
Playful Furniture Adhesive
Playful Furniture Adhesive
Stephen Johnson's Synthetic Dough is Colorful and Practical
play_circle_filled Headphone-Integrated VR Headsets
Headphone-Integrated VR Headsets
CES 2018 Introduces the Next-Generation HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset
Magical Pony-Themed Cafes
Magical Pony-Themed Cafes
Tokyo's 'My Little Pony Cafe' Features a Colorful Cartoon-Like Menu
Unicorn Pony Cosmetic Collections
Unicorn Pony Cosmetic Collections
The Rainbow Makeup Collection is Inspired by My Little Pony
Pony-Themed Construction Toys
Pony-Themed Construction Toys
Hasbro is Introducing TINKERTOY My Little Pony Toys for Kids
play_circle_filled Child-Focused Birthday Channels
Child-Focused Birthday Channels
Netflix's 'Birthdays On-Demand' Features Celebratory Greetings
Pony-Inspired Cosmetics
Pony-Inspired Cosmetics
PUR Cosmetics is Launching a Collection of My Little Pony Makeup
Family Friendly Toy Conventions
Family Friendly Toy Conventions
The Hasbro HASCON Convention will Feature Popular Toys
play_circle_filled Pony Series Aftershows
Pony Series Aftershows
Hasbro's 'PonyChat' Helps Kids Process Major Themes in My Little Pony
Pony-Inspired Nail Polish Colors
Pony-Inspired Nail Polish Colors
China Glaze and My Little Pony Created Friendship-Themed Sets
play_circle_filled Conductive Dough Toys
Conductive Dough Toys
Dough Universe's 'Electro Dough' for Kids Teaches STEAM Principles
Creative Nostalgia Campaigns
Creative Nostalgia Campaigns
The 'World of Play-Doh' Campaign Inspires the Child in All of Us
Oversized Toy-Filled Chocolate Eggs
Oversized Toy-Filled Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate Lovers May Now Purchase Giant Kinder Surprise Eggs
Nostalgic Toy Apparel
Nostalgic Toy Apparel
The Hayley Elsaesser 'Deja Moon' Collection Pays Homage to My Little Pony
Plasticine-Animating Toys
Plasticine-Animating Toys
The Play-Doh Touch App and Studio Bring Children's Creations to Life
Modeling Clay Advent Calendars
Modeling Clay Advent Calendars
This Toy Advent Calendar Inspires Kids to Create Each Day
Personalized Clay Tubs
Personalized Clay Tubs
John Lewis and Play-Doh are Now Offering Custom Product Packaging
Simplistic Modeling Clay Ads
Simplistic Modeling Clay Ads
These Minimalist Ads Give Ideas for Play-Doh Creations
Informative Electric Circuit Games
Informative Electric Circuit Games
'Squishy Circuits' Explains Electric Circuits Using Play Dough