The EvoWheel Can Turn Any Bike into an E-Bike in Less Than 30 Seconds

 - Feb 14, 2018
The EvoWheel is the first set of e-bike wheels that can transform any manual two-wheeled vehicle into a fully functioning electronic bicycle. The integrated design allows for a tailored riding experience and the easy installation process takes the consumer on the road in less than 30 seconds.

The EvoWheel comes in various sizes, making it compatible with just over 95% of consumer bikes. Depending on the model, the e-bike wheels charge within one to three hours and have the capacity to go 54 miles per cycle. The EvoWheel can be simply swapped with the original manual wheel, omitting the worries of any mess due to wires and unnecessary features.

In addition, the e-bike wheels boast a five-point model of energy release, including manual, commute, leisure, exercise and climbing, hence, the product fully adjusts itself to the activity and terrain.

Photo Credits: EvoWheel