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Aspirational Urban

Suburban consumers turn to in-your-face urban marketing

Implications - Looking to regain a sense of their youth, boomers are being drawn towards commercials, print ads and interactive campaigns that glamorize suburban life through symbols of urbanity. Hip hop, lawlessness and bling appeal to the more risk adverse, routine-coveting Generation X in various forms of parody.
5 Featured, 42 Examples:
252,428 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 11 — Feb 13

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Thug-Style Mommy Raps
Thug-Style Mommy Raps
'The Motherhood' Featuring Fiat 500L is the Best Car Commercial Around
‘The Motherhood’ featuring Fiat 500L is a hilariously imaginative way to showcase a car. Presenting motherhood as “another hood,” the smart ad takes everyday components of... MORE
play_circle_filled Prejudiced Chick Parodies
Prejudiced Chick Parodies
'Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls' Propels Idiotic Stereotypes
The 'Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls' video packs a hilarious punch. Riding off the hype of the viral spinoff of 'Sh*t Girls Say,' this video holds its own with bang on one-liners that quite accurately… MORE
Partially Animated Car Commercials
Partially Animated Car Commercials
New Toyota Yaris Ads are Inspired by Pop & Rap Videos
The latest Toyota Yaris ads are part of a new campaign by the car maker to target a younger audience through rap- and pop-style messaging. The campaign, which was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi and built… MORE
play_circle_filled Swagged-Out Mommy Raps
Swagged-Out Mommy Raps
British Mom Raps About Her Kids in the Motherhood
The Motherhood is a deadpan rap spoof in promotion for the Fiat 500L. The video has over 80, 000 views on YouTube in a few days. The concept of a rapping mom was originally done by Toyota a few... MORE
play_circle_filled Grammatically Correct Raps
Grammatically Correct Raps
Mac Lethal ‘You’Re VS. Your’ Brings it Back to the Ba
The Mac Lethal ‘You’re VS. Your’ rap is a grammatical rapping spit-fire. Lethal raps over the popular track Goyte’s ‘Somebody I Used To Know,’ educating the grammatically impaired.... MORE

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play_circle_filled Viral Celeb Collaborative Remixes
Viral Celeb Collaborative Remixes
This 2012 Year in Review Video Features YouTube’s Biggest
play_circle_filled Economics Professor Pop Remixes
Economics Professor Pop Remixes
The Harvard Economics Department Covers Call Me Maybe
Oversized Economy SUVs
Oversized Economy SUVs
The Fiat Panda Monster Truck is a Top Gear Tribute
play_circle_filled 90s Television Remixes
90s Television Remixes
PBS Releases Auto-Tuned Version of Reading Rainbow
Hungover Christmas Remixes
Hungover Christmas Remixes
This 12 Days of Christmas Remix Follows Every Stage of a Hangover
Electrified Italian City Cars
Electrified Italian City Cars
The Fiat 500e Makes It Fashionable to Plug-in
Family-Friendly Italian Micro Cars
Family-Friendly Italian Micro Cars
The Fiat 500L Comfortably Seats Five in Style
Upscale Sandwich Remixes
Upscale Sandwich Remixes
The 'Cranberry Brie Grilled Cheese' Updates Standard Recipes
play_circle_filled Freedom-Fighting Viral Remixes
Freedom-Fighting Viral Remixes
Anish Kapoor Creates Gangnam Style Tribute to Champion Freedom
Work-Disruptive Car Ads
Work-Disruptive Car Ads
The Fiat Use Original Parts Campaign Wants to Keep Things Working Smoothly
Obstacle-Detecting Eyewear
Obstacle-Detecting Eyewear
Sens'it'ive Glasses Enhance the Blind's Perception of Surroundings
Historical Snapshot Collections
Historical Snapshot Collections
The Retronaut Blog Assembles Pictures from the Past
play_circle_filled Political Remix
Political Remix
Jennifer Gosnell Discusses Political Rapper Remixes
Expanded Italian Microcars
Expanded Italian Microcars
The Fiat 500XL is Designed to Seat Seven
Cartoon Movie Poster Remixes
Cartoon Movie Poster Remixes
Ive Bastrash Illustrates Iconic Promo Art in Kid-Friendly Style
play_circle_filled Casual Chatting Comic Series
Casual Chatting Comic Series
'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' is a New Show from Jerry Seinfeld
play_circle_filled Cliff-Diving Cars
Cliff-Diving Cars
Fiat 'Immigrants' Ad Shows How Eager the Car is to Reach America
Ironic Hip Hop Parodies
Ironic Hip Hop Parodies
Rapper Krispy Kreme Demonstrates His Bravado Through Childish Lyrics
play_circle_filled Bookworm Rap Battles
Bookworm Rap Battles
‘B*tches in Bookshops' Parody Based on Jay Z and Kanye West's Hit
play_circle_filled Hip Hop Spelling Remixes
Hip Hop Spelling Remixes
'Slacktory Supercut: Rapper Spelling Bee' is Hilarious
Literal Lyric Interpretations
Literal Lyric Interpretations
The Hip Hop Photoshop Pairs Funny Song Words with Zany Pictures
Ethnically Infused Ads
Ethnically Infused Ads
The 'China Times Authentic Chinese Cuisine' Campaign Combines Cultures
Silly News Station Spoofs
Silly News Station Spoofs
The 'Really Fox News?' Tumblr Exposes the Station's Outrageous Moments
play_circle_filled Quirky Social Media Webisodes
Quirky Social Media Webisodes
Sh*t Girls Say Web Series Brings the Twitter Account to Life
Charismatic Hip Hop Cartoons
Charismatic Hip Hop Cartoons
Saad Artaud Illustrates YMCMB Stars as Hyperbolic Caricatures
play_circle_filled Beatboxing Fashion Promos
Beatboxing Fashion Promos
The ASOS Urban Tour in Tokyo Promotes New Collections Through Acapella
Concept Car Commercials
Concept Car Commercials
The Toyota 'Progress From the Inside Out' Ad Shows How Its Built
Hilarious Hip Hop Memes
Hilarious Hip Hop Memes
Comedian Aziz Ansari Creates Watch the Throne Comics
play_circle_filled Epic Rap Duo Vids
Epic Rap Duo Vids
The Jay-Z Kanye West Otis Video Captures the American Spirit on Fire
play_circle_filled Car-Crafted Music Videos
Car-Crafted Music Videos
The BMW Check My Machine Video Features Music Made by the 1 Series
play_circle_filled Liar Liar Car Commercials
Liar Liar Car Commercials
The Land Rover LR4 Pathological Liar Video Makes Living a Lie Funny
Disaster-Dodging Supercars
Disaster-Dodging Supercars
The Lamborghini Aventador Spot is Pure Action Entertainment
Farm Animal Street Races
Farm Animal Street Races
The Nissan 370 Z 'Chicken Race' Video is Ridiculously Brilliant
Machine-Model Wars
Machine-Model Wars
The Nissan Juke Vs. Amber Spot is Sultry and Hilarious
play_circle_filled Fame-Chasing Webisodes
Fame-Chasing Webisodes
Danielle Barker 'Starvival' is a Wacky Web Series
play_circle_filled Muppet Hairtorials
Muppet Hairtorials
The Sesame Street ‘I Love My Hair' Song Tackles the Racial Beauty I
Chick Flickvertising
Chick Flickvertising
Philips Launches Promotional Romcom Series called Nigel & Victoria
Multiplying Car Commercials
Multiplying Car Commercials
The MINI Countryman ‘Flow' Commercial Tours Italy
Charitable Car Commercials
Charitable Car Commercials
Kia 'Drive Change: Court' Makes a Difference in a Beautiful Way
Dictionary-Based Interior Design
Dictionary-Based Interior Design
Branimir Sabljic's Decor is Perfect for Word Nerds
play_circle_filled Black Parodies Of Iconic Films
Black Parodies Of Iconic Films
60 Frames Spoofs
Multicultural Models
Multicultural Models
Vogue Italia Emphasizes Black Models