Mac Lethal ‘You’Re VS. Your’ Brings it Back to the Ba

 - May 22, 2012
References: facebook & viralviralvideos
The Mac Lethal ‘You’re VS. Your’ rap is a grammatical rapping spit-fire. Lethal raps over the popular track Goyte’s ‘Somebody I Used To Know,’ educating the grammatically impaired. Making the direct connection with the song, stating grammar was something that people, "used to know," Lethal may have single-handedly launched a new sub-genre of hip hop.

In an Internet world full of short forms and abbreviations, Lethal takes a stand; specifically, against people who mix up "you’re" and "your." Many Internet users would applaud Mac Lethal for his epic lines, such as, "when they argue on the Internet/but trying to debate with them is harmful like a cigarette/you try to outsmart these stupid jerks but you never win."

This intelligent rap provides a hilariously honest perspective that will hopefully inspire a return of the lost art of grammar.