From Haute Rapper Editorials to Hip-Hop Swagger Apparel

 - May 24, 2013
When it comes to music influencing fashion, rappers and hip-hop artists tend to have a huge fan following when it comes to the clothes and accessories they wear, and these hip-hop fashion styles are some great examples of how the music industry continues to influence modern day looks.

Hip-hop music is all about swagger and personality, artists have to not only portray who they are in their lyrics, but also in the clothes they wear to the public. Therefore, since rap music and hip-hop style is all about streed cred, the style often encompasses a variety of loose-fitted ensembles, accessories such as chain necklaces, as well as vibrant sneakers and decorative snapbacks.

From editorials featuring rap icons to those that showcase modern hip-hop apparel, these musically inspired fashion styles are a great indication of how pop culture continues to influence fashion.