The PLNDR SS 2012 Collaboration With Mel D. Cole is Gritty and Fresh

 - May 23, 2012
References: plndr
The PLNDR SS 2012 collection of tees and tanks is unforgivably fresh and in your face.

The exclusive online boutique teamed up with legendary lifestyle and hip hop photographer Mel D. Cole to curate a dope new series. The collection features the photographer's gritty vision. The images play up violence, tossing it around with juxtapositions of beauty, crudeness and a giant Barney head. Memorable images include the 'Use My AK' which depicts a bikini-clad babe ready to kill, naturally masked by the face of an old purple friend.

The tees and tanks are of the highest quality and hold a dense versatility. Available in a range of whites, grays and reds, the garments are a smart addition to any fresh lady or fella's closet. Cole's images are arresting and badass.