The Hip Hop Photoshop Pairs Funny Song Words with Zany Pictures

The Hip Hop Photoshop Tumblr is sure to have fans of rap lyrics in an uproar over hilariously manipulated pictures paired with some of the hottest and zaniest punch lines in hip hop. Who can honestly keep a straight face while looking at Kanye West dressed in a crayon box and reciting his famous "That shit cray" hook?

The Hip Hop Photoshop works somewhat as a satire as it calls out rappers and R&B singers for writing some ridiculous lyrics. Though they may work within the context of songs, once a metaphor is visually actualized, the absurdity of certain lines become transparent.

The pictures found on The Hip Hop Photoshop are also poorly manipulated to emphasize the humor of the website, in addition to making viewers comfortable enough to submit their own literal lyric images.