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Hygiene Support

Brands adapt hygiene projects with educational and motivational support

Implications - Seeking to encourage rituals around proper hygiene, brands are offering additional features, support and guidance alongside traditional hygiene products for easy consumer integration. From AI-enhanced dental devices that provide feedback on usage to those with virtual enhancements that help gamify the process, these examples not only speak to how general hygiene practices are evolving, but also the importance of guidance, simplification and encouragement that consumers are looking for.
Workshop Question — How might you enhance your current product offerings with tools, technology or assistance that simplifies the process?
4 Featured, 36 Examples:
139,203 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 18 — Oct 19
Fresh and Average
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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play_circle_filled Hazardous Training VR Experiences
Hazardous Training VR Experiences
VRulez Allows Trainees to Safely Gain Hands-On Experience
Haptic Virtual Reality Wearable Tech
Haptic Virtual Reality Wearable Tech
Valkyrie is Developing a VR Suit for Commercial Use
play_circle_filled Interpersonal VR Experiences
Interpersonal VR Experiences
Talespin's Virtual Human Technology Improves Empathy & Communication
play_circle_filled Experiential VR Experiences
Experiential VR Experiences
Foundry 45 Generates Unique Material to Suit Diverse Client Needs
Full-Service Digital Reality Developers
Full-Service Digital Reality Developers
VECTRE Creates Custom VR & AR Experiences for its Clients
VR-Based Barista Training Programs
VR-Based Barista Training Programs
Costa Coffee Taps Virtual Reality to Educate Its New Staff
VR Safety Training
VR Safety Training
The Royal Mail Trains Its Postal Workers on the Dangers of Dog Attacks
play_circle_filled Employee-Focused VR Training
Employee-Focused VR Training
CenarioVR Delivers Immersive Learning Experiences to the Office
Gamified Training Apps
Gamified Training Apps
The Walmart Spark City App Challenges Trainees in a Virtual Retail Setting
Handsfree AI-Powered Toothbrushes
Handsfree AI-Powered Toothbrushes
The 'babahu X1' Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth in Just 20 Seconds
Affordable Electric Toothbrushes
Affordable Electric Toothbrushes
Brüush Boasts a High Tech Aesthetic with Multiple Cleaning Modes
Sensored Electronic Toothbrushes
Sensored Electronic Toothbrushes
Oral-B's Genius Pro 9600 Toothbrush Detects Pressure Accordingly
All-in-One Travel Toothbrushes
All-in-One Travel Toothbrushes
The 'ivmax' Toothbrush Keeps Paste Conveniently Contained Within
Hygiene-Optimizing Toothbrushes
Hygiene-Optimizing Toothbrushes
The 'Airess' Power Toothbrush Efficiently Eliminates Plaque
Automated Hands-Free Toothbrushes
Automated Hands-Free Toothbrushes
The JAPAN Kumamoto Automatic Toothbrush Optimizes Your Routine
Minimalist Millennial Homeware
Minimalist Millennial Homeware
The Target 'Made By Design' Brand Shares Smart, Low-Cost Options
Educational AR Toothbrushes
Educational AR Toothbrushes
The New Brush Monster Adds AR Icons to Entice Regular Tooth Brushing
Entertaining Youngster Toothbrushes
Entertaining Youngster Toothbrushes
The happybrush Kids Smart Toothbrush Makes Brushing Fun
Light Therapy Toothbrushes
Light Therapy Toothbrushes
'Bristl' Combines Sonic Vibration and Light Therapy for Oral Health
AI-Powered Oral Care Devices
AI-Powered Oral Care Devices
The Colgate E1 Smart Toothbrush Maps Your Mouth for an Optimal Clean
play_circle_filled AR Tooth Brushing Games
AR Tooth Brushing Games
Parents Can Ensure Good Habits With the Kolibree Magik Smart Toothbrush
Illuminating Soap Dispensers
Illuminating Soap Dispensers
The Illumnisoap is a Color-Changing Night Light Soap Dispenser
Custom Cleaning Mode Toothbrushes
Custom Cleaning Mode Toothbrushes
The Oral B Precision Black 7000 Toothbrush Guides Users Along
Co-Branded Technology Toothbrushes
Co-Branded Technology Toothbrushes
The 'SuperKlar' Powered Toothbrushes are Hygienically Handy
Extraterrestial Soap Dispensers
Extraterrestial Soap Dispensers
These Hand Soap Bottles are Shaped Like Technicolor UFOs
play_circle_filled Gamified Dental Devices
Gamified Dental Devices
The Playbrush Turns Children's Toothbrushes Into Gaming Controllers
Liquor Bottle Soap Dispensers
Liquor Bottle Soap Dispensers
This Crown Royal Bottle is Repurosed into a Bathroom Accessory
Motion-Sensing Toothbrushes
Motion-Sensing Toothbrushes
The Oral-B Genius Uses Position Detection Technology
Habit-Rewarding Toothbrushes
Habit-Rewarding Toothbrushes
Beam Dental's Smart Brush Plan Offers Rewards for Good Oral Hygeine
DIY Soap Dispensers
DIY Soap Dispensers
This Mason Jar Soap Dispenser is Surprisingly Easy to Cobble Together
play_circle_filled Alert-Enabled Soap Dispensers
Alert-Enabled Soap Dispensers
The Safeguard Germ Alarm is Designed to Enforce Handwashing
Submarine Soap Pumps
Submarine Soap Pumps
This Soap Dispenser From 'Ototo' is One Thousand Leagues of Awesome
Techy Tot Teeth Cleaners
Techy Tot Teeth Cleaners
The Orgel Toothbrush Encourages Reluctant Kids with Interactive Elements
Harmonious Dental Hygiene
Harmonious Dental Hygiene
The TTone Interaction Toothbrush Makes Teeth-Cleaning Entertaining Too
Adoringly Doodled Branding
Adoringly Doodled Branding
Mama Sopa Packaging was Illustrated Lovingly with Care for Cleanliness
Futuristic Soap Dispensers
Futuristic Soap Dispensers
C-Pump is a Stylish Soap Dispenser That Also Keeps Things Sanitary