Oral-B's Genius Pro 9600 Toothbrush Detects Pressure Accordingly

 - Nov 30, 2018
References: trendhunter
Oral-B's new 'Genius Pro 9600' toothbrush incorporates a smart system that features new technological elements including a pressure sensor, position detection, and a timer. It is available in five colorway options in total -- white, black, rose gold, along with new hues of pink and 'Orchid purple.' The position detection feature is the most impressive component of the toothbrush -- it connects to each user's smartphone through the Oral-B app platform to accurately depict facial recognition. This then aids users in understanding their own brushing patterns in every zone and angle.

The pressure sensor infused will notify when brushing becomes too harsh on the gums to avoid any harmful infliction. The timer component will indicate when brushing sessions reach its 'superior clean' and the rounded brush head wraps around each tooth to clean every angle.