This Mason Jar Soap Dispenser is Surprisingly Easy to Cobble Together

 - May 5, 2015
References: instructables
This DIY soap dispenser is a great way for you to enjoy the elegance and luxurious appearance of a mason jar soap dispenser at home without actually having to shell out a lot of money to buy one in your local home decor store.

Start by drilling a hole in your mason jar lid, before using a round file to smoothen out the rim. Then use any old box-cutting knife to cut the neck off of a plastic soap dispenser bottle, and file around the base to roughen up the plastic and prepare it for gluing. Wash the lid in water and dry, before gluing the two lids together.

It's now time for the finishing touches -- spray on a coat of primer and spray paint and let dry for a few hours. Secure the pump to your lid, screw on your lid and you're good to go!

These DIY soap dispenser is more than merely a way for you to save money on a common household item, but also a way for you to express your creativity and ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are a reflection of your personal style.