C-Pump is a Stylish Soap Dispenser That Also Keeps Things Sanitary

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: gizmodo & josephjoseph
Anyone who’s been to a public bathroom knows that, although washing your hands should be a cleansing experience, it’s actually very tricky to avoid the germs raging all over handles and levers, but thanks to C-Pump’s stylish soap dispenser design, you can provide a good-looking, bacteria-free experience to your venue.

Ideal for restaurants, the home and offices, the C-Pump works by getting you to use the back of your hand to pump soap out of this sleek dispenser. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessarily contaminating the parts of your hands you wish to remain clean with a simple ease that won’t have you washing and then rewashing your paws.

With a simplistic refilling system, non-slip base and soap level indicator, C-Pump’s stylish soap dispenser is a smart and fashionable way to help clients, friends and family stay clean.