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Pet Celebrity

Reflecting an elevated status, pets become the focal point of campaigns

Implications - With the rise of Internet memes and viral videos, animals like dogs and cats are taking the spotlight in everyday entertainment. Capitalizing on the familiarity of popular household pets, marketers and content creators are using furry companions to not only add humor to a campaign, but also connect with younger consumers by coming across as more approachable.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
120,166 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 15 — Nov 16

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Anti-Smoking Cat Ads
Anti-Smoking Cat Ads
The Latest 'Truth' PSA Uses this Humorous Cat Ad to Warm Against Smoking
The latest ‘Truth’ PSA combines the internet’s obsession with cats and global anti-smoking statistics in an attempt to warm consumers about the negative effects of smoking. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Patriotic Hamster Parties
Patriotic Hamster Parties
This Fourth of July Barbecue is Complete with Mini Burgers & Fireworks
‘Tiny Hamsters’ is a series of videos that feature hamsters partaking in traditional human activities such as this video, which shows a hamster hosting an epic Fourth of July party for... MORE
Mascot-Seeking Cereal Campaigns
Mascot-Seeking Cereal Campaigns
The New Trix Campaign is Looking for a Fresh Brand Representative
General Mills is seeking a real rabbit to become the mascot of its latest Trix cereal campaign. The brand is seeking a real creature to promote the brand’s official commitment to rid its... MORE
play_circle_filled Bouncing Animal Christmas Ads
Bouncing Animal Christmas Ads
John Lewis' 'Buster the Boxer' Ad Celebrates the Role of Family Pets
This week, the British retailer John Lewis debuted its latest Christmas commercial titled ‘Buster the Boxer.’ The company has built a reputation for its exceptional Christmas ads and... MORE
play_circle_filled Pet-Centric College Ads
Pet-Centric College Ads
Staples' Dorm Decor Commercial Touches on Students' Separation from Pets
This clever college ad by office supply retailer Staples addresses a common problem many students face when going away to school—leaving their loving pets behind. The commercial centers around... MORE
Bunny-Filled Brand Campaigns
Bunny-Filled Brand Campaigns
Annie's Homegrown Shows Bunnies Hopping Around a Grocery Store
Annie’s Homegrown is a brand that prides itself on offering consumers some of the best natural food that’s accessibly priced. In order to reiterate this, it created a short commercial... MORE

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play_circle_filled Choreographed Christmas Commercials
Choreographed Christmas Commercials
House of Fraser's Holiday Ad is Styled Like a Music Video
play_circle_filled Cinematic Holiday Clothing Campaigns
Cinematic Holiday Clothing Campaigns
Burberry's New Holiday Ad Serves as a Mini Fashion Film
play_circle_filled Celebrity Combat Bread Ads
Celebrity Combat Bread Ads
Sylvester Stallone Stars in this Warburtons Bakery Commercial Spot
play_circle_filled Offbeat Fragrance Commercials
Offbeat Fragrance Commercials
This Spike Jonze-Directed KENZO World Ad Defies Stereotypes
Theatrical Flavor Commericals
Theatrical Flavor Commericals
These Texas Pete Ads Show the Power of the Flavor Its Products Offer
Personified Beef Ads
Personified Beef Ads
This Wendy's Commercial Shows That Frozen Beef Patties Aren't Welcome
Student-Targeted Tech Giveaways
Student-Targeted Tech Giveaways
The #GetCollegeReady Campaign Helped Prepare High School Grads
Celebrity-Branded Office Supplies
Celebrity-Branded Office Supplies
Staple's 'Office by Martha Stewart' Line Emphasizes Organization
Digital Campus Vending Machines
Digital Campus Vending Machines
These Vending Machines Flash Ads at College Students
Virtual Reality Certificates
Virtual Reality Certificates
Students at Cogswell Polytechnical College Can Now Specialize in VR
Attendance-Tracking Mobile Apps
Attendance-Tracking Mobile Apps
'Class 120' Lets Parents Know If Their Children are Skipping Class
Secretive Student Concerts
Secretive Student Concerts
Spotify Hosts a Musical All-Nighter for University Students
play_circle_filled Exam-Based Brand Activations
Exam-Based Brand Activations
'Bojangles' Restaurant Surprised Students with Food After Their Exams
Celebrity Rapper University Classes
Celebrity Rapper University Classes
This College Course is Based Around the Topic of Kanye West
Frozen Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Frozen Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Annie's New Pea B&J Pockets are a Healthy Snack Option for Kids
Kid-Friendly Organic Soups
Kid-Friendly Organic Soups
Annie's Certified Organic Soups are Geared Towards Children
GMO-Free Garlic Vinaigrettes
GMO-Free Garlic Vinaigrettes
This Organic Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette Features a Complex Flavor
play_circle_filled Youth-Focused Furniture Ads
Youth-Focused Furniture Ads
This RH Teen Commercial Promotes the Brand's Newest Product Range
Comedic Holiday Ads
Comedic Holiday Ads
This Old Navy Christmas Ad Video Features the Stars of Portlandia
Fashion-Punishing Christmas Ads
Fashion-Punishing Christmas Ads
This Old Navy Ad Spot Puts Unfashionable Guests at the Kids' Table
play_circle_filled Chaotic Christmas Ads
Chaotic Christmas Ads
Sainsbury’s Holiday Ad Tells the Tale of Mog's Christmas Calamity
Organic Fruit Snacks
Organic Fruit Snacks
These Bunny-Shaped Treats are a Healthy Alternative to Easter Candy
play_circle_filled Frantic Holiday Ads
Frantic Holiday Ads
'Aldi' Supermarkets in Australia Depict a Stressful Christmas Experience
play_circle_filled Cookie-Flavored Creamer Ads
Cookie-Flavored Creamer Ads
The Latest Addition to Coffee-Mate Creamers is a Festive Gingerbread
Emotional Anti-Smoking PSAs
Emotional Anti-Smoking PSAs
The Paraná Health Ad Has a Cancer Survivor Sell Cigarettes to Smokers
play_circle_filled Mock Aging Products
Mock Aging Products
This Smoking PSA Introduces 'The Wrinkler,' a Product to Give You Wrinkles
Cartoon-Mimicking Mascots
Cartoon-Mimicking Mascots
The Partick Thistle Football Club Has Unveiled a Bright Yellow Mascot
Animated Sports Jerseys
Animated Sports Jerseys
'Baboon Creation' Has Created These Playfully Illustrated NBA Jerseys
Fast Food Mascot Makeovers
Fast Food Mascot Makeovers
The McDonald's Hamburglar Has Received a Charming New Look
Hipster Fast Food Mascots
Hipster Fast Food Mascots
McDonald's Rebrands The Hamburgler as a Suburban Hipster Dad
play_circle_filled Grateful Rodent Videos
Grateful Rodent Videos
A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving Features an Adorably Small Feast
play_circle_filled Munching Animal Videos
Munching Animal Videos
The Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos Video is Too Cute to Handle
play_circle_filled Imaginary Companion Ads
Imaginary Companion Ads
This John Lewis Christmas Commercial Stars a Boy and His Penguin Friend
play_circle_filled Marijuana-Promoting PSAs
Marijuana-Promoting PSAs
Afroman Updates 'Because I Got High' For a Cause
Upcycled Mint Tin Toys
Upcycled Mint Tin Toys
Etsy User WishWithMe Turns Altoid Tins into Toys with Felt
play_circle_filled Cat Meme Cereal Ads
Cat Meme Cereal Ads
This Honey Nut Cheerios Ad Features Buzz Meeting Grumpy Cat
Adorable Airport Mascots
Adorable Airport Mascots
The Osaka International Airport's Sky-Yan Celebrates the Airport's 75th
play_circle_filled Jubliant Fast Food Mascots
Jubliant Fast Food Mascots
These Kids are Unimpressed by McDonald’s New Mascot
play_circle_filled Adorable Rodent Meals
Adorable Rodent Meals
Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pizza is a Step Up from Eating a Burrito
Adorable Anime Soccer Mascots
Adorable Anime Soccer Mascots
Japan Chose Pikachu as the Mascot for the FIFA 2014 Games
play_circle_filled Hand Drawn Stop-Motion Christmas Commercials
Hand Drawn Stop-Motion Christmas Commercials
This John Lewis Commercial is a Lovely Animal Fable
Dino Hamster Halloween Costumes
Dino Hamster Halloween Costumes
These Spiky Little Outfits Will Turn Your Tiny Pet into a Beast
Charismatic Rodent Captures
Charismatic Rodent Captures
These Animal Still Life Photos Focus on Little Hamsters with Fun Props
Sleek Modern Critter Dwellings
Sleek Modern Critter Dwellings
Omlet Creates Cute Animal Living Spaces for Stylish Pet Owners
Outdoors-Simulating Treadmills
Outdoors-Simulating Treadmills
Voyager by Il-Seop Yoon Makes Running More Engaging
play_circle_filled Romantic Snowman Ads
Romantic Snowman Ads
‘The Journey’ by John Lewis is Adorably Enduring
Substance Parallel-Pulling PSAs
Substance Parallel-Pulling PSAs
The OMA Obesity Combating Campaign Compares Junk Food to Drugs
play_circle_filled Ironic Pop Star PSAS
Ironic Pop Star PSAS
‘Be Yourself' PSA Parodies Today's Popular Female Artists
play_circle_filled Vintage Smoking PSAs
Vintage Smoking PSAs
The Star Wars Smoking PSA Enlists C-3PO to Warn Children
play_circle_filled Flatulent Anti-Smoking Campaigns
Flatulent Anti-Smoking Campaigns
Extreme Group PSA Asks the Question, "Who Smokes?"
Racing Rodent Autos
Racing Rodent Autos
Hamster Grand Prix in Brasside is an Unusual Racing Event
Cigarettes Smoking People
Cigarettes Smoking People
Witty Anti-Smoking Awareness Ads Reverse The Concept
Powerful PSAs
Powerful PSAs
Smoking is Murder