McDonald's Rebrands The Hamburgler as a Suburban Hipster Dad

 - May 20, 2015
References: mcdonalds & cbc
McDonald's latest branding effort is a blast from the past and involves the resaurant chain's retro mascot, The Hamburgler. While the original mascot may be known for his outrageous and outlaw-inspired look, his re-incarnation is a little more relatable and resembles a hipster dad than rather than a burger-stealing criminal.

Appealing to young parents, the fast food chain has released countless images of their new mascot via Twitter and have even aired a commercial that features their new brand representative.

Though boasting a re-branded version of the beloved mascot, this new McDonald's ad concludes with The Hamburgler's iconic "Robble, Robble" quote. Appealing to lovers of nostalgia, fast food brands are re-creating forgotten mascots in a contemporary way. McDonald's latest marketing strategy appeal to millennials who grew up in the days of the original Hamburgler but re-brands the mascot to fit their age demographic and interests--in this case a suburban dad who loves to barbecue for his family.