Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pizza is a Step Up from Eating a Burrito

 - May 8, 2014
References: fastcompany
The Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pizza video just goes to show that people can't resist a good thing. A sequel to the original Tiny Hamster Eating a Tiny Burrito video that went viral last week, this time it depicts an appropriately sized pizza with cheese, toppings and all.

Although the little guy doesn't go in for seconds this time around, nor does he actually finish the pizza, it is still fun to watch him (or her) try. The Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pizza video essentially puts two beloved Internet topics together to the delight of browsers everywhere: delicious food and cute animals. It is hard to say whether this soon-to-be viral video was released by the same creators, HelloDenizen, seeing as it lives on the AprilsAnimal YouTube page.