From Booze-Inspired Dog Treats to Portion-Controlled Cat Meals

 - Jun 25, 2015
These gourmet pet edibles are the perfect choice for your favorite four-legged friend. Over the past few years, pet food has not only become healthier, but also more flavorful. Many of the new gourmet pet food offerings available to consumers are designed to keep your pet satisfied and in good health.

Many pre-packaged pet edibles have taken cues from human foods by offering unique flavors and cultural cuisines. For example, there are booze-inspired dog treats that provide the taste of craft beer, without the actual alcohol. There are also nutritional supplements that you can add to your pet food just as many of us do with our own meals.

Beyond pre-packaged pet foods, there are also a number of DIY recipes available for pet owners to whip up their own treats. Pumpkin is a popular ingredient for homemade dog treats because it contains an irritation-alleviating enzyme that will help settle your canine's stomach. There are recipes for dog treats inspired by more classic pet food flavors such as chicken breast and peanut butter.