Vitadog Delivers Nutrients in a Convenient Pulverized Form

 - Mar 24, 2015
Knowing that it's not always easy for pets to get down pills, Vitadog's dog nutritious supplements take the form of a powder that can be sprinkled over food. The dog vitamin powder is meat-scented with nitrogenous and sulfur compounds, which makes it safe as an allergy-free product for pets. Available in multi-vitamin, calcium and glucosamine varieties, these vitamins-rich powders keep dogs healthy and happy, without hampering their enjoyment of a meal.

The portable pouches and single-serve packs designed by art director and graphic designer Charry Jeon make it easy to take a small, vitamin-packed portion on the go. In order to communicate the unique form of the product, the logo is has cleverly been shaped in such a way to communicate the loose nature of Vitadog's format.