The Osaka International Airport's Sky-Yan Celebrates the Airport's 75th

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Osaka International Airport, a super cute mascot named Sky-Yan was recently introduced. The name was one of thousands submitted by the public earlier this year, combining the Japanese word for "sky" with a "yan," which is used to communicate emphasis in the Osaka dialect. Sky-Yan is full of personality and her interests include roaming the airport and fashion, as demonstrated by her chic necktie. The new mascot's job will be to bring smiles to the faces of travelers.

Sky-Yan will be joining forces with Kan-Kun, the official mascot of Kansai International Airport as part of a friendly promotional campaign to encourage travel to these regions. The introduction of Sky-Yan also means that there will probably be a ton of cute Sky-Yan merchandise coming to the Osaka International Airport too.