The Latest 'Truth' PSA Uses this Humorous Cat Ad to Warm Against Smoking

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: thetruth & adweek
The latest 'Truth' PSA combines the internet's obsession with cats and global anti-smoking statistics in an attempt to warm consumers about the negative effects of smoking.

The Truth PSA is being promoted with the hashtag '#CATmageddon,' along with the tagline "The Internet is fueled by cat videos and because cigarettes can kill cats, too, we’re FREAKING OUT. And you should, too." By pulling at the heartstrings of all cat-lovers, this video hopes to promote better habits and healthier lifestyles.

Throughout the 37-second ad, the commercial features quirky cat videos and Internet memes paired with real-life statistics that discourage people from smoking. While traditional PSA's often use horrific imagery and terrifyingly true stories, Truth's new marketing tactic could reach a different audience and resonate with consumers on a deeper level.