This Smoking PSA Introduces 'The Wrinkler,' a Product to Give You Wrinkles

 - Jul 4, 2015
References: & adweek
Just as there are dozens of products aimed at removing the fine lines that come with aging, The Wrinkler is introduced as a product that's designed to add them on to your face—if you're wondering who on earth would ever want to add wrinkles to their face, this smoking PSA makes it clear.

This smoking PSA from the Action on Smoking and Health organization comically addresses how you can instantly add years to your face. As much as this is a product that seems it would never catch on for the damage it does to one's skin and overall health, the global cigarette industry is still thriving.

Although the market for anti-aging products and services has grown exponentially over the last decade, appealing to many consumers who desire a quick fix for youthful skin without the health that would supply it naturally.