The McDonald's Hamburglar Has Received a Charming New Look

 - May 30, 2015
References: & designtaxi
After 10 years of flying under the radar, the McDonald's Hamburglar is still up to his old burger-thieving tricks, but this time he's got a whole new look. No longer a short, pudgy, redhead with buck teeth and oversized glasses, this laid-back-bad-boy is tall, dark and handsome,with the same mysterious eye mask, and a five o'clock shadow!

As more fast food chains emerge, McDonald's has decided to do a little revamping. Bringing back the Hamburglar's familiar face with a modernized makeover will appeal to both the previous generations who can rekindle their love for the goofy crook, as well as make new connections to today's youth.

After the successful reintroduction of Ronald McDonald's more humanized aura a few years ago, the burger joint is sure to draw in more customers thanks to the hunky Hamburglar.