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Living While Senior

Boomers take a youthful approach to old age

Implications - With one billion seniors expected in our population by 2030, many opportunities exist for innovations that cater to the needs of this aging demographic, particularly in products and services that promote comfort, enjoyment, and above all, independence. As Baby Boomers hit their sixties, they expect the same quality of life they enjoyed in their youth – if not better. And, unlike past generations, Baby Boomers are more comfortable with technology, as seen in the increase in seniors using mobile phones and embracing web 2.0 elements like YouTube and social media sites.
20 Featured, 34 Examples:
3,470,016 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 07 — Apr 09

Featured Examples

Sex In Their 80s
Sex In Their 80s
Seniors Know How To Keep It Up
Who says seniors can't have fun in the sack? Most people can't handle the thought of their grandparents getting frisky in their old age, but for a growing number of 70-80-something adults, sex is still… MORE
Seniors on the Catwalk
Seniors on the Catwalk
Yohji Yamamoto's Paris Runway
This seems to be the season of unlikely runway models. Recently, Vivienne Westwood caused an uproar when she sent out beefy, tough-looking Roma gypsies on the Milan catwalks to model her 2009 menswear.… MORE
Fitness Competitions for Seniors
Fitness Competitions for Seniors
79 Year-Old Bodybuilder Ray Moon
It isn’t too often that you’ll find a senior citizen with spectacular pecs, abs, and bulging biceps, but 79 year-old bodybuilder, Ray Moon is not your average senior.  Moon was crowned champion in the… MORE
Racy Seniors
Racy Seniors
Terry Richardson's ‘Mom' Photo Set Glamorizes Old Age
Photographer Terry Richardson shows that his being controversial and scandalous runs in the family in his special photo project, ‘Mom.’ The acclaimed photographer captures his own mother in his trademark… MORE
Seniors on the Catwalk (Again)
Seniors on the Catwalk (Again)
Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009
Casting senior citizen models to walk the runway is indeed becoming a trend. Anne Demeulemeester is the third designer, after Etro and Yohji Yamamoto to have used elders to model her collection. The… MORE
Stylish Seniors
Stylish Seniors
Photoblog Celebrates Fashion-Forward Retirees
Advanced Style is a photoblog that catalogues the fashionistas of a bygone era, who remain well-dressed and fabulous in their golden years. While Advanced Style's contributors are largely based in New… MORE
Human Air Bags
Human Air Bags
Prop Safety Devices For Seniors
Stuck for a gift for your grandparents this Christmas? Look no further than the human airbag. Not intended for busy people speeding through the city streets, but for old age pensioners afraid of taking… MORE
Seniors Spice it Up in Video Sex Guides for Arthritis, Hip Surgery & More
Even though the last thing young people want to think about is their parents and grandparents getting “busy,” seniors are having sex out there. A new video sex guide aimed at the over 50s is getting it… MORE
play_circle_filled Geriatric Girl Power
Geriatric Girl Power
91-Year-Old Rocker Leads Band of Swingin' Seniors
Jerrie Thill has been fronting her own all-girl band for 60 years. She is a super boomer. She is still pounding the skins, and her latest music video just hit YouTube. The video was the idea of her boomer… MORE
Mobiles for Seniors
Mobiles for Seniors
The Fit Phone
Trend Hunter has featured a few mobile phones for senior citizens in the past. Now we want to introduce you to The Fit. Designed by Jongmu Lee, this cell phone was conceived with the 65+ demographic in… MORE
Seniors in Fashion Ads
Seniors in Fashion Ads
Lauren Hutton, 65, for Mango
Old is definitely in! In the world of the pretty young things, some fashion revolutionaries have managed to cry out, "Old is in!" And, indeed it is. Previously, we've seen grandpas strut their stuff… MORE
play_circle_filled Kick-Ass Elders
Kick-Ass Elders
Seniors Stepping Up Their Self-Defense Game
Today’s elders aren’t as ready to be docile little old people as elders may have been in the past. They certainly aren’t about to take any guff from would-be attackers, human or beast. It’s all in the… MORE
play_circle_filled Seniors On YouTube
Seniors On YouTube
Jewish Grandma's "Feed Me Bubbe" Podcast
Senior citizens are taking making their presence felt and posting videos. Take this Jewish grandma who decided that even young people might be interested in what she has to offer….Maybe some chicken… MORE
play_circle_filled Seniors Spoofing Celebrity Chefs
Seniors Spoofing Celebrity Chefs
Geriatric Gordon Ramsay
We’ve seen Mini Gordon Ramsey, now meet Geriatric Gordon Ramsay! The latest impersonator of the famed celebrity chef is 81-year-old Peter Oakley, better known as geriatric1927 thanks to his successful… MORE
play_circle_filled Hip Hop Grannies
Hip Hop Grannies
Dance Teams for Seniors
This 71-year-old granny from China is a great example of living life to the fullest. Maybe she could go out with one of the Zimmers (see trend below). Globally known as China’s preeminent ‘Hip-Hop Granny,’… MORE
Disney Targets 60+ Market
Disney Targets 60+ Market
Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Discount Seniors
Live long enough and even Disney gives you a discount. Geezers are used to a dime off their cup of coffee at Mickey D's, but the Mickey Mouse honchos in Japan decided they needed to do more to attract… MORE
play_circle_filled Seniors on Facebook
Seniors on Facebook
Comedy Sketch On Granny Poking
Teenagers are horrified when their parents want to be their friends on Facebook. The social networking site is for the under 30 crowd.. or perhaps not? As Facebook matures, the demographics of its users… MORE
Active Aging
Active Aging
Fencing and Sword Fighting Seniors in Australia
You have to give credit where credit is due. At Melbourne, Australia’s Catholic Homes Corpus Christi, active seniors have found fencing to be a hobby that will keep them sharp both mentally and physically. … MORE
play_circle_filled Movie Reviews By Seniors on YouTube
Movie Reviews By Seniors on YouTube
Reel Geezers
What happens when you ask two former movie critics, now in their senior years, to review modern films like Superbad? You get Reel Geezers, as seen in the video below. Together, the male and female duo… MORE
play_circle_filled Boosting Seniors' Brainpower
Boosting Seniors' Brainpower
Internet Use Improves Mental Function in Silver Surfers
Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles have learned that when senior citizens search the Internet, parts of the brain used for decision-making and complex reasoning are stimulated. Brain… MORE

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Well-Heeled Protection
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Video Games for Safe Driving
Allstate Advocates Senior Gamers
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Virtual Cooking Competitions
Iron Chef America for Nintendo Wii
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Foul Mouthed Children
Mini Gordon Ramsay Internet Hit
108 Year Old Bloggers
108 Year Old Bloggers
Celebrating the "Life of Riley"
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27 Innovations for Seniors
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When Ads Cross The Line
Is Tom Ford's New Campaign Too Naughty
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Interactive Digital Cooking Aid
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Belvedere Ads Too Racy?
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Controversial Photo Exhibits
Jackass by Terry Richardson
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Motorcycling Safety Armor
Dainese D-Air Suit
Inflatable Rescue Sleds
Inflatable Rescue Sleds
Firun Saves Lives
Playground for Pensioners
Playground for Pensioners
OAP Swingers
Inflatable Bikini
Inflatable Bikini
Actually Intended to be a Safety Flotation Device
play_circle_filled Senior Cyber Celeb
Senior Cyber Celeb
95 Year Old Blogger Has 60,000+ Readers
play_circle_filled Virtual Cooking Classes
Virtual Cooking Classes
Culinary YouTube
Targeting "Stylish Elderly"
Targeting "Stylish Elderly"
Trendy Tokyo's Senior Fashions
Inflatable Breast Implants
Inflatable Breast Implants
Old Age Rock Bands
Old Age Rock Bands
The Zimmers Become Hit with 100 Year Old Rockers
Elderly As Actors
Elderly As Actors
97 Year Old Woman is Hollywood's Fresh Face
Playgrounds For The Elderly
Playgrounds For The Elderly
Inflatable Leg Massager
Inflatable Leg Massager
Makes You Look Really Cool
Messaging Chef Support
Messaging Chef Support
Get Cooking Help by E-mail
Boomer Racketeers Change to Pickleball
Boomer Racketeers Change to Pickleball
Motorcycle Airbags
Motorcycle Airbags
First Mainstream Motorcycle With Airbag