27 Innovations For Seniors

 - Jun 4, 2008
Want to be a more savvy senior? Cutting edge and hip aren't just adjectives to describe things geared at younger generations; in fact, there are incredible innovations for baby boomers and seniors too. At trendhunter.com, we've featured plenty of fun things geared directly at older generations including cell phones and social networks. There are seniors who have used the internet for entrepreneurial start ups like a rental granny service. In fact, there are even several self-made senior celebrities whose claim to fame has YouTube to thank.

You won't believe it 'til you've seen it, and neither will a lot of folks, which is why this cluster of trends holds so much appeal. The next time your grandma shies away from technology, she'll have a tough time arguing after you show her this one! No generation is incapable of being tech savvy!