Email Without Computer

 - Oct 6, 2006
References: mycelery
Boomers have embraced email as a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. But getting older aunts and uncles or parents to adopt email is next to impossible. So how do you include them in the loop? Celery.

About Celery:
Celery® is a simple device that allows people to be included in email without having to own or operate a computer.

With Celery® no one is left out of the loop. Those not comfortable with technology can effortlessly be included in digital photo and email communications. When an email, photo or document is sent to a Celery® user, it automatically prints out on standard paper in photo quality color.
Celery® users can effortlessly send handwritten notes, news clippings and recipes to any email address just by placing messages into their device.