97 Year Old Woman is Hollywood's Fresh Face

Mae Laborde, who is 97 years old, has only been an actress for four years and her career is skyrocketing. She played Vanna White for a futuristic MADtv comedy, made commercials, was a cheerleader for ESPN, and is currently acting in a small role for an upcoming Ben Stiller movie.

This lady is an inspiration to all you late bloomers and baby boomers out there, who want to start a new career after retirement (other than jumping out of cakes at bachelor parties). Maybe it's that book you always wanted to write, the music you haven't played since college, painting and sculpture, giving motivational speeches to young people, or giving Rachel Ray a run for her money on the Food Network. Everyone can make a difference.

Excuse me, the phone just rang, I think its Eddie Griffin asking to borrow my super glue. He keeps moaning "Enzo:"

Photo credit: Associated Press