- May 2, 2012
If you’ve ever had those days when you become anxious over the thought of getting older then take a look at these 100 Energized Elderly Innovations and take comfort in the fact that with age, comes wisdom and apparently a chic new fashion sense.

Youth is wasted on the young; anyone whose had a particularly energetic grandparent can attest to that statement. However, the 108 Year Old Blogger and Active Aging Photoshoots prove that not even age can deter these elderly citizens from getting the most out of life.

To all those who have been made fun of for wearing granny panties, now is your time to shine as senior fashion makes its way to the runways both in terms of models and apparel. You can still cherish your youth while looking forward to such perks as over-sized spectacles and badass canes.

From Age-Defying Yogis to Granny Gamers: