Toco-Chan is a Robotic Panda That Keeps Grandpa Company

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: tumblr & japantrends
Despite what alarmist sci-fi writers may have assumed about the nefariousness of robots, modern machines are especially poised to take care of the elderly, and Toco-Chan is willing to prove it.

Dr. Kabe and his student research team at Waseada University are hard at work developing robots whose sole vocation is comfort and companionship. It may sound strange, but Toco-Chan is capable of not only recognizing his elderly friends, but noticing the subtle facial cues that imply their mood, state of relaxation and overall happiness. Equipped with a voice cute enough to melt your heart, this robotic Panda can engage in lucid, comprehensive conversations with the senior citizens its been given to, and a chat with Toco-Chan is rarely, if ever one-sided. Let's just hope that grandpa doesn't wander into one of his directionless stories; even robots have their limits for boredom!