The AS&S Enkelschreck Campaign Features a Senior With Serious Swagger

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: & adverblog
Your grandma might be a tea-sipping, sweater-knitting sweetheart, but if she's anything like the AS&S Enkelschreck lyrical genius geriatric, then she's about to get kicked out of Friday evening's bridge club festivities.

In an effort to regain the pull radio advertising once had, the German AS&S Radio Sales & Services came up with a campaign that featured a rapping elderly women dubbed 'Enkelschreck' to produce a viral music video appropriately named 'Acid on Wheels.' The intent was to trigger a social media frenzy proving that radio advertising could still create a craze of this magnitude.

A case study was compiled to the measure the success of the campaign which turned out to be a hit and Enkelschreck, Germany's oldest female rapper, will live on in marketing history spitting sweet rhymes from her dynamically dentured mouth.