K-citymarket's Slow-Track Checkout Lane is Designed for Slower Shoppers

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: k-citymarket.fi & springwise
Finnish grocery chain K-citymarket has recently debuted a slow-track checkout lane designed for use primarily by the elderly and disabled. The new checkout lane is designed to help slow things down in the supermarket, an environment notorious for its fast-paced atmosphere.

Checkers at the slow-track checkout lanes are there to help customers in any capacity. This can include loading a customer's groceries onto the conveyor belt, helping them make a payment or just engaging in relaxing small talk. Since the lane is branded "slow" there is no need to worry about a gaggle of impatient customers sounding off when the line speed grows slow. Perhaps the best feature of the new slow-track checkout lane is its included armchair letting customers relax while they wait in line.