'SubWars' by Sean Soong Illustrates the Folly of Willful Ignorance

 - Apr 24, 2012
References: vimeo & neatorama
'SubWars' by Sean Soong is a fast-paced, high intensity anime short. The video begins with the depiction of the various individuals one finds on public transportation -- the beautiful seductress, the creepy pervert, the publicly affectionate couple and the street toughs. Slowly the silhouette of a shadow creeps across each passenger's face as they turn their attention or busy themselves with a task, a way to ignore the old man looking for a place too sit.

Following this willful ignorance the man responds in a way no one could have anticipated: he becomes a Jedi knight. As he decapitates the first passenger a blood bath ensues, full of pop culture characters and accompanied by a vibrant electric score.

More of a fun project than a serious social commentary, SubWars nonetheless uses a familiar situation as inspiration for a compelling animated short.