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James Randi Tells Why He Revealed His Sexuality at a Senior Age

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: randi.org & youtube
In this personal and revealing talk with author, magician and scientific skeptic James Randi, he describes why he thought it was important for him to come out at the senior age of 81-years-old. He tells his audience that he didn’t come out so late in life because he was afraid to or unsure of his sexuality, but rather that he just never got around to it.

He explains that the people who matter to him, his friends and family, have always known about his sexuality and that he had simply never informed his colleagues. He demonstrates that this aspect of his personality just never really entered into his work life but that if people asked he was always honest about it. In this inspiring conversation with James Randi, he shows that one is never to old to come out and reveals why it was the right time for him.